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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The Top 20 Unfortunate Lessons Girls Learn from Twilight:
In addition to reading the article, watch the remix-clip spoof reel at the beginning. I almost want to see these just to MST3K them!

ETA: Feminism Doesn't Sparkle: What Twilight Teaches Young Girls

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The twenty points are funny, but the framing commentary bugs me. John Scott Lewinski, whoever he is, seems to think that being criticised by female acquaintances of his for "lust, aggression, shallowness or any other lesser angel of his personality" equates to claims of female moral superiority - as opposed to, say, calling him out for just plain being a dick. Next, he thinks that if ANY woman claims moral superiority over him on these terms, her argument is invalidated by the existence of lustful, shallow women as demonstrated by Twihards.

I could, er, go on, but I defer to people who write long blog posts on the topic.

Yeah, the framing commentary does leave something to be desired. The piss-take vid, however, is priceless, as are the twenty points. Coming from a family where two of my three sisters seem utterly smitten with these books, well - I'm kind of hard pressed not to pass this on ;)

Ohh, that is fabulous! Thanks! :D

Read the first one and part of the second one. That was all I could stand. Honestly, they're waaaaaaay worse than ANY Harlequin romance I've ever read, and that's saying something.

I had a skim through all of them while I was working for Borders, and then I chanced upon a copy of #4 at my in-laws' house back in October. I'm kind of at a loss as to why these have been as successful as they are. Either her editor is dreadful or she really needs to get one.

(Deleted comment)
The acting looks appalling!

I glanced at the books and they're seem rather childishly written. However, the movie is not half as bad as people say it is. I think you should watch it and judge for yourself. Apart from a few lulzy things, it is good entertainment, and much better than so many horrible teen movies out there. I honestly don't understand the bashing it's been subjected to, it's not like it ever pretended to be British social realism.

I'll probably end up seeing it at some point. All I can say is, based on what clips I've seen (both with voice-over mockery and without), the acting doesn't look terribly impressive.

(British social realism? I admit that I wasn't even aware that was a particular movement in filmmaking. Or, rather, I've probably seen it and just didn't know it was considered a genre unto itself.)

Depends on what you compare with.. It doesn't beat Happiness, but it's miles better than American Pie. No one stands out (even Robert Pattinson who's amazing in Little Ashes and How to Be doesn't have room to unfold in this), but no one sucks either (just yesterday there was some American family movie on tv about a bunch of teenagers who can do magic stuff and they're on vacation with their parents and set out to find some magic thingie with a guy who does magic tricks for kids (he has a parrot on his shoulder) and oh my god it was just so embarrassing and lame and horrible!). It's better than most teen movies I've seen, and it's better than most vampire movies I've seen. Even Bella I can relate to. I don't understand why she's being accused of being mopy and emo just because she doesn't smile often, or angry and resentful towards her parents when she actually understands her mother's situation, and her dad is as awkward as she is. I dunno, I just don't get the harsh criticism. I actually don't understand why it's so popular amongst teenagers because it's pretty far from Hanna Montana and the usual glamor barbie girly stuff aimed at their age. It's very down to earth (if you can say that about supernatural subjects, haha) IMO.

Oh, hehe, social realism refers to movies by Ken Loach and Mike Leigh and the like *g* They're often about low income or unemployed people in run down apartment complexes, battling single parenthood and alcoholism or abuse or the system. Ladybird Ladybird, Secrets and Lies, movies like that :)

That look is from the 'guy you alert flight attendant about' collection.

The facial expressions, ye gods!

The books ARE bad (and yes, I've read all of them, because I always hate people criticizing things I like without knowing them), but like the article said, there is a "need" for them, a demand. Which sucks. But yes, the retrograde gender roles, the plodding plotline (I couldn't actually find one in any of them until the last 20 pages ... and the pace of the movies is the same—2-1/4 hours of nothing really happening, then ten minutes of intense, high-stakes stuff ... just doesn't work like that), but they're getting kids to read. That's the thing. Kid are reading, and yeah, they're reading crap, but they're reading. And maybe it's a step toward introducing them to other, better things.

And also, I kind of like Robert Pattinson. Not as an actor (I mean, come on, the two movies he's been in haven't required him to act so much as just stand there and brood, and anyone can do that). But every time I see him being interviewed, I like to watch because he's so nice. Maybe somewhere under there, he's a decent actor (Hayden Christensen had his moment in Life As a House, after all).

When I say I've skimmed through all four, I rather mean that I read them very, very fast. I don't like to riff on things without knowing about them ;)

Yeah, Pattinson does seem like a nice boy. I just, wow. If I ever do see these movies, I fear I'll be cracking up all over the place.

In the word of Yoda, "Oooohhhhh ... you will be. You. Will. Be."

(And there's a way to read them OTHER than really, really fast? If you don't, you'd die of boredom.)

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