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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My Single Nebula-Eligible Short Story & Eligible Works by Others
By some miracle, I have one story that's eligible for Nebula nomination. "Answer Me" was published in June 2009 in the Needles & Bones anthology from Drollerie Press. Sadly, it's not accessible for free (although I can still be persuaded to give away a copy of the PDF in exchange for a review of the collection on your blog - or, as cathschaffstump so put it: While it's not available for free, if you're really a SFWA member who's considering it for nomination, I'll get it to you).

Along more helpful lines, tithenai has made a post outlining and linking to Nebula's nomination guidelines, as well as listing eligible works by herself and others. Spread the word!

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Congrats!! That is truly amazing news!
(I really must put together the time to read this anthology. It's waiting patiently on my Reader.)

Not so amazing, alas: just because I have one story eligible doesn't mean that I know enough people who have read it who are also members of the organization and therefore allowed to nominate *wry grin* Also, there are writers out there who have several stories eligible, if not a dozen, and in more widely-read publications. This is, in reality, a veritable long-shot!

Ah, true. It seems to have been a good run this year--maybe it'll surprise you!

I almost feel as if to hope for more would be selfish. But, as evidenced by this plug, hope I will ;) Original fiction is an arena in which I really need to accrue more credits. I don't mind being known primarily as a poet (far from it), but I also love writing prose, and it's a shame that when it comes to original fiction, I usually have so little to show. I'm working on it!

See my response to sheerpoetry above: actually getting nominated would be quite a long shot ;) Hence why we all plug ourselves (and each other) so earnestly!

Oh, absolutely, but it's still a very impressive thing.

Oh best of luck! *hopes and hugs*

Sadly, I'm not a member, although I desperately want to be. *pout*

I finally managed to join the SFPA, but now I've discovered the SFWA is useful, too...damn.

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