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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry Sale & Flat-Finding News
I've sold my creepy fairytale-centric ghazal, "What They Know," to time_shark's guest-edited issue of Goblin Fruit. I am especially pleased about this, as the whole swap venture is awesome!

We've found a flat in Leeds. Or, rather, we've applied for one we saw today! Here's hoping we get it. I think it's perfect.

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Congratulations on the poetry sale! I can't wait to read the poem along with the rest of the issue.

I can't wait to see the other acceptances inevitably begin to crop up on my flist :)

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I've been meaning to ask you for the longest time, what is that icon an illustration of?

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Aha! I thought that one bit looked like a frog ;)

Congratulations on the sale!

Thank you :) And I dropped an email to let you know the books arrived safely. They'll be my train reading for the trip to London on the 24th!

Congratulations! I think that's a great idea, and as much as York is wonderful, Leeds is certainly bigger with more stuff. Are you trying to get a job in Leeds, do you think?

Well, if U. of Leeds or Leeds Metropolitan had a post well suited to me come up, that would, obviously, be awesome. I'll be looking out for job listings everywhere, but in the meantime, yes, I'd probably be putting my CV out to temp agencies, etc.

YAY! I so want to read that.

Good luck with the flat!

Thanks! We should know on Monday or Tuesday whether our application has been successful. I imagine it will be, barring some weird occurrence.

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That'll be after we've officially taken possession of the keys, probably in late December. I will.

Congrats on the sale! And also, Leeds? :O

Congratulations! We shall be TOC-mates.

And I have my fingers crossed for the place in Leeds. It's always nice to get a place you actually want when you have to move.

So I see :) I think this may be our first time as TOC-mates, or were we also in Mythic Delirium 20 together?

What's really nice is that the building this flat is in was built only three years ago. It's pretty new. There's even a little balcony overlooking the canal/waterfront. It'll be so lovely in summer!

Oh, we were in MD 20 together! I forgot about that, too.

It sounds like a sweet little place. I very much hope you get it.

Congrats on the sale! And finding an apartment! *twirls you*

I hope you get it, sweetie :)


Thanks! And I think we will. I can see us there.

Congrats and congrats! Good luck on the application!

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Many thanks :) I'll be posting pictures of the place before too long, hopefully.

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