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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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House Hunting
(Well, flat hunting. But it doesn't alliterate as nicely.)

We're off within the next half an hour or so to Leeds for the purpose of looking at four potential flats. I haven't really discussed this here on LJ, but what's happening is, our lease here in York is up on 17 January, and our flatmate, elrice79, will be staying on in this house by herself. James and I spent a few weeks looking at flat listings in York, but to no avail: there's nothing in our price range. However, Leeds, which is where James works, is a different story: there are plenty of flats in our price range, many of them literally within sight of where he works. And given he's shelling out almost a couple of hundred quid for commuting costs per month...

Yeah. I'll keep you all posted.

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Good luck! I'm presently in a fairly-cheap house in the Leeds student area, so if I might have any useful local knowledge, or if you'd just like to meet up sometime, please ask.

We applied for a flat! It's in the Clarence Dock area, within spitting distance of James's workplace (Royal Armouries Museum). And actually, yes, I would love to meet up! We have no real social circle in Leeds except for one or two people, so company will be welcome :)

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Just let me know when you're in Leeds, and we'll find somewhere to meet. If you'd like my mobile number, since that helps a lot with real-life meetings, you can email me: amchau@popullus.net

We really loved one of the places we saw today and applied for it. Here's hoping we get it!

Thanks :) We really liked one of the places we saw and applied for it. I feel Crowley would approve (black leather sofa).

For alliterative requirements: flat-finding

Ah, thank you!

We applied for a place in Clarence Dock :)

Wow - moving away. York will miss you! Hope you find somewhere lovely and affordable, though. I know what it's like looking for a flat in York.

We'll be back quite often, I can assure you! Given I now co-host one of the once-monthly poetry events here in York, I still have responsibilities to attend ;)

Best of luck to you both! Here's hoping you find a beautiful, convenient place that will free up enough income to allow the occasional jaunt to, oh, I don't know, Cornwall... :p

Strangely enough, we did find one! We put in an application for it and should know by Monday or Tuesday whether it's a go. And yes, in theory, the freeing-up of funds would permit me to put visiting you on the docket for one of my first ventures of 2010!

Eeeeeeeeeee! HOORAY! Hoping for you! :)

Good luck!

My best friend lives in Leeds and frequently tells me how much fun she has there. I will have to visit it someday.

I'll be crossing my fingers, hun! *snuggles*


I hope to be at the conference next year, or 2011 if I can't get my act together for 2010. Permission to stalk you in the fair town of Leeds? :D

It'll be fabulous to be able to see you two more often.

Next time you're in Leeds you may wish to nip on up to Millennium Square for the Kristkindlemaart. It's overpriced but they have fantastic mulled wine (the blueberry is my fave, the raspberry Michael's) and giant soft pretzels and cute gifts from Germany.


>^,,^< //

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