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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Tonight's event at Lumen was, I'd say, quite a success.
There were almost 30 people in the audience - one of whom was, much to my delight, concernedlily! Camilla and Paul, the other two Flipped Eye poets I read with, were delightful. I'm convinced more and more that our editor, Nii, has the best taste around.

highlyeccentric, your postcards arrived while I was out! If you want it to count as fan-mail, I certainly won't object. It's gorgeous fan-mail, for starters, and it's going on my bulletin board.

I sold a copy of Devil's Road Down, gave one away, and traded one for a copy of Camilla's book. Also, I took along one of my two remaining copies of Mythic Delirium #20, from which I read "Journeying" as my closing. A gentleman in the audience liked it so much that I consented to sell him the magazine. Then, no fewer than two other people came up and asked to buy the magazine containing my final poem. Screw my collections and everything else; I'm going to be remembered for a single piece of work that was published in a quirky American poetry magazine. Credit where credit is due: time_shark.

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That is really exciting! Especially the part where people came begging to buy your printed work! EEEE!

I think I know what to send you now. Stay tuned for an email.

Do you want to count it as fan mail? You can totally count it as fanmail. Fanmail from ACROSS THE GLOBE at that. :P

Also, damn, the postal service to the UK is fast, I only mailed those a week and a bit ago.

Isn't the Luna Park one *awesome*? SIGH. I wish I had a postcard wall again...

I recently submitted a review of The Striped World to an Australian poetry magazine, so we'll see if they actually publish it. Interestingly enough, my Australian debut with poetry in a magazine is coming this winter with Midnight Echo 3 :)

I know that I know what I'm doing, but independent confirmation is always good. And, y'know, you wrote that wonderful poem. ;-)

I meant more for presenting/packaging it so attractively ;) Cheers!

It was a pleasure to meet you! And an enjoyable evening besides. Thank you again for the book, which I am saving to curl up with this weekend.

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