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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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On the bright side, we have this:
Washington state has passed an expanded version of its domestic-partnership law. And there was much rejoicing!

And my Ph.D. is pretty much finished. Of course, this means the real fun of last-minute expansion and revision in the lead-up to January submission begins, but least it's functionally finished.

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You can not answer this if you want, or answer it privately, or forget I even asked, but can I ask you whether you're on the job market this year?

(I am.)

In theory, yes, I am - but I'm not going to MLA this year, so I suppose you could say I'm on the indie job market rather than the institutionalized one...

Why do people not like to answer that question? It confuses me. It's not like you hurt other people's chances by admitting you're job-hunting!

I know I personally am worried about keeping all my friends through this year. I know so many awesome geeky medievalists, and we should all get jobs and be a new young cohort of awesome geeky junior professors! But, well, when so many of us are directly competing for the same, extremely limited list of jobs, it gets really complicated sometimes. Anyway. Good luck!

To be honest, I really think I'm going to be focusing on the UK market. At least for now! So I suppose we're not really in competition at all :)

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