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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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On the bright side, we have this:
Washington state has passed an expanded version of its domestic-partnership law. And there was much rejoicing!

And my Ph.D. is pretty much finished. Of course, this means the real fun of last-minute expansion and revision in the lead-up to January submission begins, but least it's functionally finished.

Congratulations on finishing! This would be a good opportunity to celebrate with wine. :)

There is one in the kitchen with my name on it.

Conrgratulations :D And best of luck for the editing process :)

Haaah, yeah. That will probably be another story ;) My supervision is on the 13th, so we'll hear what Linne and Derek think then...

Hurrah for functional finishing!

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Congrats on getting the PhD done. The worst is now over!

YAY YOU!! Congratulations, oh god, that's so exciting!! :D

I hope so. The date of my supervision where all this gets discussed is 13 November - which is a Friday, of course ;)

Congratulations; I'm happy for you!

RE earlier post: Failtastic = USA most of the time.

CONGRATS!!! Celebrate, seriously!

Alas, true. Our country has mastered teh fail.

So far, I have not really managed to do that. But I'm working on it!

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Month-and-a-half of hardcore editing, here I come. But not now ;)

Congratulations on pretty-much-finishing the Ph.D.!

As for the Referendum 71 outcome, it's not officially confirmed that enough people voted Approve, but they're anticipating it based on the results so far. There's still votes that need to be counted.

I turned 18 last month, so I voted by absentee ballot a few weeks ago. If it turns out to be true that the expanded domestic partnership law passed, I will be proud to say I helped achieve the victory.

As well you should be :)

Congratulations!!! That's awesome news.

Indeed. Although now I have to deal with visa-renewal paperwork :-P

(Deleted comment)
Although I still need to find a suitable way to celebrate.

Many congratulations on the functionally finishing.

Congratulations! That's got to be such an amazing feeling.

Satisfying, anyway. Now, finishing the edits, whatever I'm told they should be, that will be amazing ;)

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