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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Maine and California? This is BEYOND FAILTASTIC.
(Oh, yeah: this goes for those 29 other states as well. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Seriously, abject fury does not begin to cover it.)

More and more, I'm beginning to wonder if I even want to consider going back to a country that proves, slowly but surely, that significant portions of it don't actually believe in equal rights for all.

At least Massachusetts is still sane, but an island? Does not a nation make. I know that a few other states are still sane, too, but it's not enough sanity for my liking.


On the flip side, an anti-discrimination law has passed in Kalamazoo with 62% of the vote. Thank you, brigidsblest, for pointing this out. My morning is otherwise dark.

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Christiani ad leonem!

Grrr. I'm sorry, Adrienne. Our federal government keeps trying to overturn or restrict the ACT's (already limited) civil unions bill.

Re: Christiani ad leonem!

I've heard :( The more I see it happen, the less I understand.

As far as I'm aware, it hasn't been officially called yet? The Yes on 1 crowd claimed victory last night, but AFAICT, the absentee ballots are still being/have yet to be counted - and I think (though I could be wrong) they number somewhere around 100,000. Considering how close the numbers are, and that a big chunk of that 100,000 is probably going to be college students, I'm just crossing my fingers and refusing to sound the death knell just yet.

...OMG, do I ever hope you're right. Everything I've found is suggesting the Yes-On-1 crowd has won definitively.

I know, I know. I'm livid, too.

I'm actually hoping that what copinggoggles is saying is true. It would be amazing to see absentee ballots tip the scale.

I'll probably catch hell for this, but... no. Don't come back. Try to immigrate if you can. America has proven this year that it has no place for me and for several million other people because we're GLBT, or because we're sick. It proves regularly that it hates women and people of color, as well as the poor and homeless. While there is no country that sufficiently treats just about all of the above as human beings, at least the UK has gay partnership laws and the NHS, and doesn't seem to be in the pockets of insurance companies and banks.

I'm also in a decidedly bad mood since World Fantasy thanks to the latest round of bullshit that has hit my life, so perhaps taking a salt mine along with this post is a good idea. I just really hate living here right now and would leave if I could.

*hugs* It's a tough situation. Are your ancestral ties to the Netherlands strong enough that something could be worked out? I've heard that some countries have provisions for things like that, and I think immigration laws there are considerably less strict than in the UK and US. But I could be wrong on that one.

I'm coasting into my 5th year of living in the UK on various student visas, but this felicity won't last forever. Unless a) I get a permanent university job somewhere in the UK or Europe within 3 years of finishing this Ph.D. or b) James's job finally decides to sponsor him, and thereby both of us, on a work visa, we'll have no hope of racking up the 5-years-on-a-non-student-type-visa necessary to apply for citizenship.

ajodasso Expand
ajodasso Expand
At least much of the U.S seems to regard women as people- or at least as able to decide things about their bodies. To a greater extent than we do, anyhow.

Yikes, true. Oh, geez, what a Catch-22...

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Leaving is tempting, but to not wake up to the bay or sit beneath a redwood tree, I couldn't do it for long. It's disconcerting how much I need my giant trees and hills the burn and bloom.

*hugs* I do understand. I suppose that, for me, as much as I love and miss Massachusetts, there's a sort of moral imperative involved.

(Deleted comment)
Me and my icon are with you.

Although I have heard that they're either doing a recount or waiting for absentee ballots since the vote was so close. So I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping.

All of the news sources are treating it like it's finalized. I don't know whether to be hopeful or not to bother...

And I thought Maine was one of your more progressive states. America seems to be so fucked up.

As for women, I think we're hated pretty universally sad to say

In a lot of ways I miss Amercica, despite only having lived there for two years two decades ago. I'm not sure I could ever go back to live unless something drastic happens to the politics, though. I find this sort of thing really, genuinely frightening.

As any human being with a shred of common sense should.

I just don't know what to do with America right now, honestly. It's come to the point where I looked at my girlfriend last night and said, well, maybe we should seriously think about leaving. I don't want to leave this country-- I actually love many things about America, but I don't relish spending the next 15-20 years of my life struggling to scrape together some kind of legal rights for my family because Americans have seen fit to vote on my civil rights. I suppose we'll see what happens when I finish my Ph.D. in a few years, but I am feeling a little crushed at the moment.

*hugs* I hope things improve so you won't have to face the daunting prospect of leaving - with all my heart, I do hope so. I just...with each new development of this sort, it becomes harder and harder to do so.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah. How scary is that?

For me, the argument has become "Do I want to stay here and try to do some good, or do I want to jump ship to Canada." Stuff like this makes that decision more and more difficult every day. If I knew, without doubt, that I would at some future time be able to significantly positively impact the campaign for marriage equality, then I would be more willing to stay, but more and more I just don't want to be a citizen of a country in the dark ages. :(

I know, it's a tough call. I tried optimism for a while, I really did - but I'm not sure I can keep it up much longer :(

(Deleted comment)
Digging with all my might *wry grin*

I'm sorry. :/ Clutching at straws here, but I suppose people wouldn't feel the need o vote against things that didn't have a chance of progressing.

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