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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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On Cover Designs
First off, when I posted about Devil's Road Down finally being available for purchase, I didn't post an image of the cover. I should have done that, because the artwork is by a dear friend of mine, Taline Boghosian, and she is seriously, scarily talented:

Secondly, Lost Books, my full collection that's out in April next year, finally has a cover design. They've left out my middle initial, but that will be fixed by the time it's released:

(Linked to order and pre-order pages respectively. Go forth and stimulate the economy! Or somesuch. My ninth-grade Economics teacher used to say that on field trips.)

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Thank you <3 How are things on your side of the pond/continent?

not bad! Took on a new project that's been really rewarding, finding out what it's like to have a steady well-paying job with full benefits. Very unusual for me! But not unwelcome.

You getting closer to your finish date with the phd? Are you looking for jobs in the UK or the US or both?

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