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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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On Cover Designs
First off, when I posted about Devil's Road Down finally being available for purchase, I didn't post an image of the cover. I should have done that, because the artwork is by a dear friend of mine, Taline Boghosian, and she is seriously, scarily talented:

Secondly, Lost Books, my full collection that's out in April next year, finally has a cover design. They've left out my middle initial, but that will be fixed by the time it's released:

(Linked to order and pre-order pages respectively. Go forth and stimulate the economy! Or somesuch. My ninth-grade Economics teacher used to say that on field trips.)

Poetry covers can be quite dull at times. I'm fortunate :)

Those are lovely. I love the first <3 There's something wonderfully compelling about it. It draws you in.

I'm definitely getting one once it's out. Then I can brag about knowing the author, even if it's only on eel jay I do love your work :)

"Only" on LJ? Honestly, every good thing that's happened to me writing-wise in the past four years has been almost thanks to LJ and my other various online connections and networking! It's a very real community to me. I love you all for it!

Oh, those are LOVELY. Especially the first. Zounds.