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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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On Cover Designs
First off, when I posted about Devil's Road Down finally being available for purchase, I didn't post an image of the cover. I should have done that, because the artwork is by a dear friend of mine, Taline Boghosian, and she is seriously, scarily talented:

Secondly, Lost Books, my full collection that's out in April next year, finally has a cover design. They've left out my middle initial, but that will be fixed by the time it's released:

(Linked to order and pre-order pages respectively. Go forth and stimulate the economy! Or somesuch. My ninth-grade Economics teacher used to say that on field trips.)

Wiw, those are gorgeous!

I love the skyline on LB. And the way the walkway meanders off into the distance!

DRD is actually black printed on a sort of muted, dusky light green. The effect is rather more misty than the sharp contrast above. I'll need to get a picture of the actual article.

Heh. Consider yourself stimulated (or somesuch).

To be fair, these things won't so much stimulate me as the publishers who are putting them out, at least at first. And I do so want my publishers to do well, because they work bloody hard!

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! As soon as Lost Books is available on a non-Amazon website I'ma buy it. I'ma buy it nine times.*

*May not buy it nine times.

It will be available from Flipped Eye's own store as soon as it's been released, so you will definitely be able to purchase it from a non-Amazon source :) However many times you will.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm always startled when I like something in which brown is the primary tone, because usually, I'm not so fond of it. But I really like it here!

That cover art is gorgeous, on both novels. Oh... what it would be like to have money again... *sighs*

Oh, that they were novels - then, they'd certainly have higher sales *wry grin* They're a poetry chapbook and a poetry collection respectively.

(Deleted comment)
I'm blessed with remarkable artist-friends!

(Deleted comment)
I'm lucky in knowing artists and graphic designers, is what :)

Thanks :) I'm very pleased with their creators, that's for sure...

I like those! Excellent!
Funny, when we go shopping, we say "we're off to boost the economy". Heh.

Much good fortune in book sales, your work is quite worthy, IMO.

Mr. Behr was an odd fellow. A bit too optimistic and pro-USA for his own good, if you ask me, but still...

I'm hoping for good sales, too, so that the presses prosper. And, of course, for that distant dream of a thing called royalties... ;)

Oh, those are such *handsome* covers! I especially like the first one.

It's evocative of a lot of the ruins I was visiting during my first couple years in the UK. And still do, really :)

Congratualtions on JOY in book covers :)

Thank you <3 Joy is best shared!

I loved the artwork for Devil's Road Down, and it translated nicely onto the chapbook!

And Lost Books looks gorgeous! I need a countdown calendar to keep track of all these good things! :D

My countdown calendar on the collection is mostly in my head...

OH WANT. Don't suppose they're available through anywhere that isn't Amazon? I broke up with that site a while back and we didn't stay friends.


Well, the chapbook, Devil's Road Down, isn't linked to Amazon - it's linked directly to the publisher's website, seeing as that's the only place you can get it :)

Lost Books, however, will be available from its publisher's website once it's officially released next year. I can let you know when that is, no problem!

that is wonderful, adrienne. congratulations.

Thank you <3 How are things on your side of the pond/continent?