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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry Sales & Other Tales
I'll be the first to admit that I've been quite an LJ slacker this month. As per usual, teaching has swallowed me whole, and we've only just made it out of the first week. This morning's seminar, our second meeting, was...slow. More than half the class appeared to be ill (myself included), and it would seem that 10:45 AM is an unreasonable hour for all of us to be awake. At least we meet at 2:45 PM on Mondays.

Good news, though: I got a letter from the editor of Orbis a couple days ago saying she'd like to publish "Tomorrow Never Comes Until" in either the next issue or the one after. I also got an email from the editor of Midnight Echo informing me that rather than all three of the poems he'd accepted appearing in Issue 3, two will be appearing in 3 and one will be in 5 late next year. Which is fine by me; extended coverage is never a bad thing. I like having a long list of forthcoming pubs.


Dear UKBA,

In re-designing your Tier 4 Student (General) and PBS (Dependant) application forms, you have simultaneously made them only slightly easier to understand and ten times more time-consuming to complete. How do you do it?

With enmity,

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Here, I send you tea in sympathy for horrible form-filling-out related pantsness. *produces a magic cup of tea*

Also we spent a whole hour in lecture this morning marking out lines of Gawain with stressed and un-stressed syllables ... and they say 2nd year undergrad is challenging *chuh*


Ooh, tea is a good idea. I've been sitting here since I got home from campus, filling out the damn things, on some kind of medication so I can breathe without sniffling. I let out seminar almost half an hour early on account of all the obvious agony. Seriously, it was sad.

(A whole hour? Good lord, that is SO UNNECESSARY.)


Yeah I sat through my interview trying desperately to pretend I wasn't harbouring a sore throat - not ideal for a telephone based job :s

(I know - it just made the wildly waggling eyebrows all the more fascinating in absence of other entertainment)

Yay, sales!

Booooooo application forms!

Given our current visas expire in January, we've got to get them in at the start of November in order to allow for enough processing time. It's massively stressful on top of trying to finish this oh-so-trying final Ph.D. chapter >_

Congrats on the poems! That's always good news!

And I'm sorry the classes have been slow--I hope it picks up and everything goes well!

That's a fabulous icon *g*

Thanks! It was made by a friend based on a recent Arcana purchase--Skipping Vespers. :D

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