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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Yesterday: Connecticut Renaissance Faire
The weather was abysmal, but the event itself was fun enough. James caught up with some old friends of his who are in the cast, and I caught up with twilightgardens, who gave me an amazing-looking poetry collection that I can't wait to read. I gave her a teacup. It seems we always spontaneously bring each other presents revolving around tea and poetry (which is as it should be).

James bought lovely wool coats for me and for himself from Half Moon Designs, seeing as they had a vendor at the Faire. Mine's more of a cardigan, really. It's not on the website.

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You got the coat!! Hooray!!

Yep. It helped that he was lusting after one of them, too ;)

I wish there were reneissance faires here :( I'm more into baroque, but it'd be a really fun experience.

In my experience, they're generally a blast!

Zounds, I covet the Kyrie coat!

I haven't been to a faire in ages. Wah.

That's the design James got, I think!

Renn faires seem SO fun, but we don't really have any here.

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy it! (And that the weather wasn't too much of a hindrance.)

I've been to three or four in my time, and all of them were great!

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