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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Yesterday: Salem & Stow
We had another day of amazing weather. Salem is as tranquil and quirky as ever, if quieter than I remember it. Then again, it's a bit too early for the Halloween hordes to descend. James and I found a second spirit house at Fool's Mansion; it'll fit my Zuni corn-maiden figure perfectly. My other one was just too small for it, although it houses my clay Persephone-head from Sicily, so that's all right.

On the way back to Worcester, we took a detour and checked out a bunch of farm markets and orchard in the vicinity of Stow. We bought apples, pears, and peaches. And I couldn't resist picking up a miniature white pumpkin, even if I can't take it with me back to England.

(Any tips on smuggling produce through customs?)

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Don't try. I remember once, coming back to the US, they had produce-sniffing dogs, and one of them was able to tell that one of the women traveling with us had had an orange in her purse, despite said orange having been eaten a couple days before. I can't imagine why British customs would be any different.

Stow! You were right near me - Stow is the town next to mine :)

Oh, I so wish I could see Boston. Maybe someday!

I'm going to have to go back to Salem some day when it isn't Halloween -- I went for Halloween my freshman year of college and just got totally turned off the place. But I have a feeling it would be lovely at another time of year.

You can take the other fruit with you but not the pumpkin? Or will it just be gone by then. ;)

But Salem was really nice when I was up there. If I had to live in MA, that's definitely the city I'd choose!

And congrats on your find!

My only produce-smuggling advice is that, if you do decide to check it, put it at the top of your luggage. When I came back from Scotland, I had some flower seeds buried deep in my luggage, and had meticulously packed everything else in there. Customs did such a reckless job of re-packing, just about everything breakable got broken :(
I might recommend bringing it as a carry-on..the past few times I've flown, I didn't have all my carry-on liquids and what-have-you secured, and nobody stopped me. For better or worse, they seem to have gotten a little lax yet again.
Glad you two are getting to enjoy autumnal New England :) It's the best!

Smuggle in your belly.

(Deleted comment)
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