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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Yesterday: Salem & Stow
We had another day of amazing weather. Salem is as tranquil and quirky as ever, if quieter than I remember it. Then again, it's a bit too early for the Halloween hordes to descend. James and I found a second spirit house at Fool's Mansion; it'll fit my Zuni corn-maiden figure perfectly. My other one was just too small for it, although it houses my clay Persephone-head from Sicily, so that's all right.

On the way back to Worcester, we took a detour and checked out a bunch of farm markets and orchard in the vicinity of Stow. We bought apples, pears, and peaches. And I couldn't resist picking up a miniature white pumpkin, even if I can't take it with me back to England.

(Any tips on smuggling produce through customs?)

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(Deleted comment)
Stow! You were right near me - Stow is the town next to mine :)

Oh, I so wish I could see Boston. Maybe someday!

(Deleted comment)
You can take the other fruit with you but not the pumpkin? Or will it just be gone by then. ;)

But Salem was really nice when I was up there. If I had to live in MA, that's definitely the city I'd choose!

And congrats on your find!

My only produce-smuggling advice is that, if you do decide to check it, put it at the top of your luggage. When I came back from Scotland, I had some flower seeds buried deep in my luggage, and had meticulously packed everything else in there. Customs did such a reckless job of re-packing, just about everything breakable got broken :(
I might recommend bringing it as a carry-on..the past few times I've flown, I didn't have all my carry-on liquids and what-have-you secured, and nobody stopped me. For better or worse, they seem to have gotten a little lax yet again.
Glad you two are getting to enjoy autumnal New England :) It's the best!

Smuggle in your belly.

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