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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Yesterday: Harvard Square & Somerville
All thorns & no grace
We hit all of my favorite haunts: Cardullo's, Grendel's Den, the Garage Mall, etc. The weather was that lovely, cool, bright sort of early autumnal. Simply gorgeous. I felt like I was home. I highly recommend the trout at Grendel's Den, and the Dark & Stormy (gingerbeer and rum) goes with everything. Gosling's rum is ace.

People seen: belu, semanoesis, and thesilentpoet. After dinner at Redbones, we went to the Girlyman concert at Somerville Theater with Stephen and Alena. I've been a fan of Girlyman for about three years now, and this is the first time I've seen them live. They're up there with The Decemberists as one of the most memorable live acts I've ever seen. The opening support, Po' Girl, were also incredible. I've never seen anyone make playing the accordion so sexy.

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I just had to tell you this because I knew you would appreciate it. I just bought tickets to see Jude Law play Hamlet in NYC. I think I might be having some sort of seizure, I'm so absolutely thrilled about it.

It's a very good production. What impressed me more than anything, I think, is the memorable and innovative staging. And Jude isn't half bad, either :)

There's a restaurant called Grendel's Den? Now that's wicked cool. :)

Oh, I love accordions. <3

Yep! It's a Harvard Square institution. It's been here for decades. The food is wonderful, and they have half-price evenings on weekdays. Choice of broke students since...well, ever.

I'm glad day one was nice!
Oh, and that weather sounds amazing! :)

As we speak, though, it's bucketing down rain...

Ick. Well, I kind of like rain. ;)
But I hope it clears so y'all can go out!

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