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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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MDP Chapbook Update & Other Sundries
After a long month of fielding inquiries (from your end) and looking over various versions of printing mock-ups (on my end), Devil's Road Down is finally going to press. It's turning out to be an October release instead of a September release, but that's all right; I've always preferred October to all other months. As soon as the chapbook's available for order on Maverick Duck's website, I'll post the link.

The RSC's Julius Caesar was a solid production, although not an outstanding one. The first half dragged, but the second half was livelier and more dramatically interesting. The design team made fantastic use of video-screen effects, especially in depicting crowd and battle scenes. As the actors go, Sam Troughton (Brutus) was excellent, as was Darrell D'Silva (Mark Antony).

(I pretty much agree with this reviewer, although it seems he didn't like the video effects or find much point the second half of the play. I'll also note that Julius himself was easy to dislike, played as smarmy, bravado-addicted, and easy to flatter.)

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October is a good month. :) I'm looking forward to getting to buy the chapbook!

October is sort of the end of the year, from my perspective. Maybe it's commentary on how long I've been in university education...

Congrats! I look forward to it!

Time seems to fly these days. It hasn't really felt like waiting.

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I'll be able to post the link soon, I hope! The editors moved house, which accounts for the delay.

Where in the theatre were you sitting, out of curiosity? I was sitting quite far up and mostly just found the video projections distracting (especially when there was a noticeable loop) but maybe it had something to do with the angle I was seeing them from.

We were in row A of Circle, fairly central! And actually, I know what you mean about the loop effect in a few places...

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