A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

Greetings from sunny Stratford-upon-Avon!

Our train journeys this morning were pleasant, if slightly wearying. I spent most of the ride reading a book I had bought at Kalamazoo ICMS this year (Proceedings of the Pseudo Society: First Series, 1986-93). Know the history of what you're getting yourself into, I always say.

The weather is warmer here than in York. We're actually staying just outside of Stratford, in a village called Chipping Campden, in a small holiday cottage that's attached to the house our friend Charlotte's parents live in. This place is gorgeous. We don't actually see Julius Caesar until tomorrow evening (at the Courtyard Theatre), so I'm mostly just looking forward to a relaxing evening and morning in the meantime.

(My Hamlet-related tag has also become my Shakespeare catch-all.)
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