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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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No wonder we can't have a reasonable conversation about this...
These people don't even know what they're talking about.

(Seriously, watch the whole video. Your jaw will hit the floor.)

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Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ! It says so in the Bible, maybe under Hebrew, and separated but it's in there!

Yeah, and wacky Kabbalists have found seekrit messages in the Harry Potter books, too! Oh, the wack-jobs. I'm kind of astounded.

(But I probably shouldn't be. Given they all idolize Glenn Beck, King of the Tinhats...)

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The sad thing is that my jaw did not hit the floor. My jaw hit the floor when I first saw a poster of Obama with a Hilter tasche drawn on it. Since then, I've adjusted to the concept. I wish I could see something to do about it. I am glad that Ombama isn't pulling his punches, and is really going after the things that stir up the hornets nest. People need stirring up a bit sometimes so that they will talk to each other. The refreshing thing about that video is that actually some of those people visibly changed their views upon receiving more information. Not a lot of people do that, even if they are on camera. I hope those people go home and decide to research more things (through the easy wonder of google) before they get to the point of making not-so-witty signs, and swelling the numbers at ill-informed, vaguely motivated protests.

True, there did seem to be some tiny "lightbulb" moments going on. I can only hope they'll take those moments away and fo some further research, especially into the "czar" issue. All U.S. presidents have had czars - advisors - in one form or another. It baffles me that people so fundamentally misunderstand what's going on!

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(Deleted comment)
I found it really interesting that I did not see a single person of color there. I started watching the background and everything a couple minutes in, and never saw anyone who appeared to be anything other than caucasian. I might have missed someone...

As for the ignorance displayed, I saw it so much through the elections that I was not surprised by any of it, no matter how ignorant or repugnant. The "Hannity/Palin" sign cracked me up, though - that would at least make for a good SNL skit or something.

You know, you're right - I didn't see any other minorities, either. I'm sure there must have been some; it might be the bias of the interviewer showing, that he was going for the majority demographic present - namely disgruntled white folks with not much idea what was going on. But you can tell that this demographic was, in fact, the majority. And it's not the "white" part that matters, per se. It's the "doesn't know what's going on" part that concerns me!

The stupidity is astounding. Unfortunately I'm not surprised, but I'm...disgusted.

Is is awful to say that I'm so glad I'm Canadian? Hearing people speak out against Health Care is...fucking baffling. It's a GOOD THING, people, not losing your house if you have cancer is GOOD.

I'm not sure why people don't realize this. No matter how many times I explain how efficiently the NHS operates here, too, I always get a response along the lines of, "But - I heard all these horror stories!" And I'm like, um...? I live in this country, why don't I hear these nebulously-cited horror stories? I imagine there aren't nearly as many horror stories to be had here as there are in the U.S., where people going broke or, worse, just dying because they can't afford treatment.

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I don't think my jaw hit the floor.

I think my jaw hit the floor, smashed its way through, and ended up in whatever part of the world is the polar opposite of Scotland.

Just... the level of stupid is astounding. Absolutely shocking.

Okay, my mouth's hanging open and I'm only 50 seconds in. Videos like this remind me why I love my country; specifically, Canada.

It's reminders like this that make me wonder why I bother holding out hope some days, you know?

Okay, I have to admit I LOLed pretty damn hard at the guy who was like, "Oh, honestly, I've just never been sightseeing around here - I just wanted to take in our nation's capital. Hey, you wanna sign my cross?"

I mean, I know whenever I make daytrips to see a new town, I make sure to bring my six-foot high wooden cross. It's so portable and you never know when it'll come in handy!

WT everloving F, dude.

Yeah, that may be one of the most WTF-worthy moments of the entire thing.

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a) I know nothing whatever about him,s and he might well shoot kittens for all I know and b) ok, treating your voters like this is probably not a good idea but sometimes I just want to give up and become this guy.

I despair a bit about people holding very firm but very ill informed opinions, because in my experience, you really *can't* argue with them. When I worked for the local council people used to tell me how illegal immigrants get pushed to the top of housing queues and did I know I was working for an organisation that allowed such things. I could say this was untrue, explain how things actually worked, even provide them with the 'why it's not true that illegal immigrants get pushed to the top of housing queues' leaflet but it didn't make a blind bit of difference, and it was the same on many issues.

Yeah, Barney Frank is awesome!

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