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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Let's do this thing.
Our Pseudo Society paper proposal has been accepted!

See you at Kalamazoo in 2010, baby.

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I'm thrilled. And terrified! This means an audience of at least several hundred people...

You can totally do it! And will be awesome! :D

Wooooooooo! That's awesome!

I'm incredibly excited!


I sent a K'zoo paper proposal at the Very Last Minute, so it's unclear as yet whether I'm going, but if I do go? I am SO VERY THERE.

You'll be pleased to know that, out of the three papers that made the program, two parties (me/James plus one of the other individuals) are in our general age-group. Namely, pre-30s Ph.D. students. Also, two UK institutions are represented. This is quite a shift :)

Congrats! I feel like a terrible person for only sending my abstract in today, but it's still the 15th!

Yes, true - it's still the 15th :)

I'm starting to get nervous thinking of the size of the crowd, though...

Don't! Remember, they're as scared of you as you are of them. You never know when a presenter is going to snap and dive, screaming and frothing, into the crowd. ;-)

Congratulations! (And good luck.)

Thank you. (I think we'll need it; that crowd will be HUGE.)

OMFG! I knew it! That is awesometastic. Congratulations, you two! \o/

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