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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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2,000 words of fiction this morning! W00t!
I've been meaning to write this particular story for about two months now, and it has more momentum than the one I started writing after the one I wrote on the way home from Edinburgh. At the moment, I have about four or five fiction submissions out. This is highly unusual. In any case, this new story, when it's done, will be in the range of 6,000-8,000 words, and I hope to submit it to Clockwork Phoenix 3. That's been my intent from the beginning, anyway.

I'm fighting severe drowsiness again these past couple days, although I really just plow my way through it and hope for the best. I seem to feel all right: a bit distanced from everything, but better than I was. The Kalamazoo paperwork is squared away, and I hauled myself out to the campus library yesterday to pick up my books for teaching this autumn. Soon, I'll be fighting the freshers for them. Grand!

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Congrats on the fic!! That's amazing! :)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better--even if you are a bit drowsy. It's good that you've got the motivation to work through it now! (It's also possible your dose might need to be adjusted a bit if it persists.)

Aww. It's always exciting to get new books for school! :D

I had bought one of my teaching texts last year, even, but ended up giving it away because I thought I'd be teaching a different course this year - but no, I got assigned the same one. Bah.

Oh, hooray for writing fiction! I should get round to that too. Damn academic work distracting me from fic...

Hope things settle down with the drowsiness and other effects. <3

As long as I have the story finished by 1 October, I should be fine.

I'm quite happy with my current academic distractions, though, to be fair. I'm doing an introductory course to manuscript studies that I'm really psyched about. Palaeography! <3

(It's been ages since I've voluntarily done extra work for a course, but I just transcribed part of a text that we didn't need to do. It felt good to check my transcription based on the teacher's and realise that I'd done pretty okay! It's quite relieving to enjoy studying again.)

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