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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry Sale & York Book Fair
I've sold "The Ghosts of Moody Street" to Dreams & Nightmares.


Found very cheap paperback first editions of Heaney's Seeing Things and The Spirit Level. His best two, IMHO. Although I do like Station Island. His more recent few collections, not so much.

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It was an older poem that I'd been trying to place for ages :)

Congratulations on the poetry sale!

Oh, congratulations! Sales are wonderful.

And now I risk showing my ass...wait. I have google!

...ooooh. Okay, now that I know what Dreams & Nightmares is, do you have any recommendations for particular back issues to order? I want to order four or five issues to get a sense of what they publish, so I know if I want to subscribe.

To be dead honest, I only ever saw a couple of issues, ages ago, at a friend's place! I should really order some back-issues myself, or consider subscribing once I start getting paid in October :) As the title would suggest, though, there's a definite bent towards the surreal, strange, etc.

Congrats--on both the sale and the books! :)

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This is another one to which I would like to subscribe. Granted, I recently lapsed on Electric Velocipede and LCRW. October shall be my Time of Renewing All Subscriptions and Memberships.

Thanks! I'm still waiting to hear from Expanded Horizons, too, re: a story. I'm still enjoying them greatly :) Thanks for that particular rec.

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