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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Tea & sympathy
I'm off to Harrogate today with James for a Japanese tea ceremony lunch at Betty's. Given I was a good girl last week and somehow got myself to do three whole days' worth of Ph.D.-related work (and even managed to write 1500 words of the Dreaded Last Chapter), I probably deserve this. Fun is a weird concept right now. Working on it.

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If the scream-worthy news is what I think it is, then OMFG is only appropriate! *flail*

I hope you have fun today! Relaxation is very necessary. <3

It was a nice afternoon; we got to sample a handful of different green teas, which was very educational for me, because I'm usually so black-tea-centric it isn't even funny.

Love your icon. I have the t-shirt and the print. <3

As do I! It's my most favorite Threadless design ever <3

Ooh--that sounds fun! Hope you enjoyed it!

It was quite lovely; I did.

(Deleted comment)
I do indeed. I think. But we've already established that communication is not my strong point today ;)

OMG - somehow missed that previous post. *fingers crossed* (supposing I have teh rigth one!)

I think you probably do :)

Very happy that you wrote 1,500 words for you Last Chapter. A major effort for you!

I'm pleased. Although this week is panning out to be so full of Kalamazoo session paperwork that I won't get much else done before we're off to London on Thurs-Fri...

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