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Upcoming poetry feature slots, web & RL alike:
Tea in blue
* I'll be interviewed on One Night Stanzas in the week of 28 September, plus a few poems featured. I love this Edinburgh-based blog.

* I'm set to be October's Featured Poet at Chantarelle's Notebook. This is above and beyond having recently had a few pieces accepted there for the November issue. Exciting! Kendall & crew have been good to me.

* On 24 November, I'll be a guest reader at Making Theatre Work's SpeechMotion monthly performance feature in London.

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This is fantastic! I'm so pleased that your poetry and poet you are doing so well. <3

The minute my money situation is sorted out, I'm wondering if all these lovely publishing windfalls will cease ;) Of course, I'm not too superstitious. At least I hope not.

Things to get me through the coming months: a definite plus.

Hey, I was catching up on some email and my Once Upon a Blog newsletter listed the entries for the latest issue of Cabinet des Fees. And there was your name! For some reason, that made me very proud. I am weird. Anyway, it pleases me to see your work getting out there and recognized, as in my limited experience, you have much talent to share with the world.

CdF is such an elegant webzine; I'm pretty thrilled about "Cry Wolf" finding a home there, as I'd been having a hard time placing that one (overly folkloric/fairytale-ish stuff is usually hard to place). And my, your icon is lovely :) Thank you *hugs*

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