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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Okay, dammit: I'm putting out the call, I'm demanding to know...
...why on earth Tori Amos has never covered Hallelujah. For real. Everyone else under the sun has covered it, and I'd say 3/4 of them have done it badly. I don't think Tori would be one of those 3/4.

Inversely, she's covered every other song under the sun (including a few by Leonard Cohen), except for this one. I've run endless web searches on variants of "Has Tori Amos ever covered Hallelujah?" and "Why doesn't Tori Amos ever cover Hallelujah?", but to no avail.

Has anyone ever asked her this in an interview? Or asked her to do so as a request? Has she ever said anything about intentionally avoiding it? I refuse to believe that nobody requested it during her Piano Bar segments on previous tours. I'll bet hundreds did.

(For my part, I'm convinced she knows the world would end if she played it. Either that or she avoids it out of respect for Jeff Buckley, whose version I think is, frankly definitive.)

ETA: Fellow Toriphiles, would you pass this on? Seriously, if there's some long-lost bootleg out there or rumors of an amazing live performance that wasn't recorded, I want to know.

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That's a .. really good question. If you uncover anything, please report on your findings! :D

(Of course now I can hear the Tori cover in my head, but I'm pretty sure my brain just built that for me.)

I can hear it too! Are our brains that good at providing the connection?

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Hey, I think both Spektor and Palmer did brilliant jobs of covering it.

But that is a VERY good question. Incidentally, I adore Amos' cover of "Smells like Teen Spirit."

Spektor is in the 1/4 I like ;) And as for Palmer, I haven't heard her cover, OMG. Gimme?

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I agree with you on Jeff Buckley's version. But I'm sure Tori Amos would do it justice as well.

I think Tori might be one of the cover-prone artists going who would be able to find a fresh take on it, especially given her propensity for infinite approaches to piano-arrangement (and also startling lyrics-improv ability)!

Huh, I presumed she had! Maybe she thinks it would be a little obvious?

To the best of my knowledge, she never has. However, I really think she should; my response to psychedk above explains why.

Good question! It does seem like everyone's done a cover of that song. I was looking at hereinmyhead.com, at the 'diagnosed sounds' section, and there are lists (and mp3 files) of many of the covers/intros she's done during tours for each of her albums. I didn't see 'Hallelujah,' though.

Personally, I would love to hear her do a cover of 'The Blood of Eden," by Peter Gabriel. To my knowledge, she never has.

Ooh, a Peter Gabriel song I haven't heard! Is it good?

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That is a curiosity. I'll have to hunt down my Tori-stalker friend and see if she can dig one up; but would love to hear one. Agreed on all the premises about Hallelujah. . . Buckley is definitive, Spektor and Palmer are wonderful, and I have to admit a fondness for Wainwright's cover as well (even though I first heard it on the Shrek soundtrack. . . )

Please, please do! I know that there are people out there far more obsessed and in-the-know than I am when it comes to Tori's back canon. And as for Wainwright, hell yes. My favorites are Buckley, Spektor, Wainwright, Lang, and OMFG won't someone hook me up with Palmer's? I haven't heard it! Hey, even Cale's isn't bad...

If you don't like Palmer, but you do like Spektor, may I offer you Imogen Heap (acapella, only half the song, she's never done the full as far as I know), Brandi Carlile, and Claire Bowditch?

I'm not at all personally attached to Tori, but even so, my cover-loving obsession would have picked up hers if she'd done a version. Odd that she hasn't...

I've got all of those already :) But thank you!

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ajodasso Expand
Wow. I would really like to hear Tori singing "Hallelujah" now. ...I will have to listen to her cover of "Landslide" to console myself.

By the way, I'm re-doing my profile at the moment. And I love the way you've put up your "sponsors" in little boxes... do you mind if I co-opt the format for part of my profile?

I've been wanting to hear Tori play Hallelujah ever since I discovered the song. For about six years, in other words!

Oh, absolutely. And I'm very behind on adding some sponsors myself. It's often necessary to make one's own little 100x100 square logo, but publications' websites are just full of banners and such for plundering and snipping :)

I have no answer, and I think your research into this (19 versions!) is impressive. I simply needed to include my Jeff Buckley icon out of love for him.

I think at an official count over 40 people have recorded their covers or have been caught on tape by bootlegging. This is why I'm so astonished Tori is not among them!

Have you heard this version?


It's by a Danish singer song writer named Tina Dickow (or Dico as she's known internationally) and another Danish singer from an old not very interesting people's band. The song is from a Cohen tribute record where they translated his lyrics into Danish. But you probably know the lyrics anyway... *g*


I really, really love this. It's amazing to hear it in another language - and as a duet! Thank you :)

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