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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Rampant chapbookery!
All thorns & no grace
I admit that I've been spending a few dollars here and there on chapbooks in the past couple months (which I shouldn't be doing, I know, but I've got to read something or I'm going to go even more mental than I already have). wirewalking's Demon Lovers & Other Difficulties arrived today, and it's a beautiful book not only for its haunting contents (yes, I've read it already; twenty pages of poetry doesn't last me very long, as I've been told I'm a frighteningly fast reader), but for its high production value, if I may borrow the phrase from cinema. I can only hope that one or more of my future chapbooks will look this nice (although Devil's Road Down, which will be out at the end of this month from Maverick Duck Press, is going to look gorgeous because Taline Boghosian has done the cover illustration). Kudos to tithenai and mer_moon as the publishers! It's shiny. And colorful.

Speaking of chapbooks, I've got three others scampering about on my hard drive: one of them, Monsters, is complete and out for consideration at a couple of small presses. The other two, thus far, are incomplete (but getting there):

Chagall Unframed - That's the Chagall-based poems that keep turning up in draft form on my locked poetry filter. Actually, I'd say I'm well to halfway with this one, as I wouldn't want it to exceed twenty poems. I've also broken form; I had originally intended to base the poems solely on lithographs, but an etching has crept in. I suppose I'll open out to some paintings.

The Persephone Dialogues - This project is new, one I'm actually very hopeful about. There are four poems so far, starting with that one the other morning called "Dreamer." It seems to be shaping up as a slipstream-ish modern mash-up of a Greco-Roman myth that we all know too well. I'm happy with the voice-shift I've recently experienced, as I feel it's playing well to these pieces having a solid thematic core. I'll be very anxious to place it when it's done!

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Seriously, I'm kind of obsessed with chapbooks. They come in so many odd colors and formats; I adore the quirkiness of the small-press phenomenon. It's like collecting baseball cards, only infinitely more fun. I think a good fourth of the poetry section on my bookshelf now consists of chapbooks.

*bounce* Delighted you like it!

I'll likely want to collect every single one in the series, assuming it's going to continue :)

Ooh. I must invest in some of these. They sound like a lot of fun!
Yours is most definitely at the top of the list when its released, but do you have any other recs? :)

And good luck with your new projects! I love both the Chagall series and the Persephone poems. <3

I'm assuming mine will be out late this month, if only because Kendall hasn't given me a hard-and-fast date. The release is simply set for September, and hey, the month is young!

Definitely grab the one I mention above before it runs out. I've heard there aren't many copies left! Also, Greying Ghost Press does very good chapbooks, and Mudluscious (both on my sidebar of links) does unusual tiny ones.

Grabbed it! :D

And thanks--I'll have to spend my weekend perusing! <3

Be sure to keep us updated about your publications and release dates!

Lost Books will definitely be available from Flipped Eye in April next year :) In fact, the editor in chief is aiming to have it printed in March, so it'll be available, in theory, by the start of April. I emailed MDP today in an attempt to get a more accurate impression of when this month Devil's Road is hitting the press.

*marks calendar*
Thanks! :D

Oh, your chapbook projects sound awesome. I was thinking that the Chagall poems might end up as a chapbook, actually. :) And oh, I'm excited about this Persephone thing! Go you!

...I want to buy chapbooks too. Dangit.

If not a chapbook, certainly a small sequence destined for some other unusual form of publication. But yes, chapbook is more probable.

Demon Lovers is $7, which, when I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, didn't seem that terrible. I can't regret having it, of course, but I do now regret the money being gone, in a way, given the state of my finances...

Hmm, $7 really doesn't seem all that bad. But I do understand that feeling - regretting the money being gone in spite of having gained something really good for it. :/ (Being poor sucks.)

Your Persephone Dialogues idea sounds very intriguing! I'm a sucker for mythology.

I shall let you know how it progresses :)

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