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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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It's a two-publication day!
"Cry Wolf" is now live over at Cabinet des Fées, which publication is brought to you by the astonishingly multi-talented erzebet.

And since it's kind of lost in a sea of other posts below: "Moving Shakespeare's Bones" went live over at Snakeskin in Issue 157.

ETA: Oh! Needles & Bones has been reviewed in the issue of CdF, too, by writeonq. I envy those with the ability to write succinct, informative reviews. When I write them, I tend to ramble.

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You are on a roll, girl! Congratulations!

Maybe this is the universe's way of compensating for the massive financial suck and my recent depression. I won't question it, I suppose! :)

I'm just really impressed you write MORE when things are tough - I have such non-productive depression. I just spend all day browsing the internet when I'm depressed...

I hope things improve soon! Jobs, ugh. Hm, you have quite a lot of retail experience don't you? I saw that East and Karen Millen are looking for people...

The internet starts to piss me off when I'm depressed, for some reason; if it's too slow or boring a day, which I'm likely to think it is when I'm in that frame of mind, I'll quickly turn around and amuse myself by writing. It's escapism of a variety, I'm sure. As is watching massive amounts of Star Trek, which, yeah, I did this summer for sure...

I have a couple of applications in around town; if I have time/energy to pursue those, maybe I will. I'm wary of clothing retail these days, after what happened at Browns.

Congrats again!
You'll have to give us an update on your stats for August or September--you've done so well!

The spike is, I will admit, exceptional, even in a year that has already been exceptional. I'll need to sit down and run the numbers, but...yes. That's going to really tip things in an interesting direction :)

And I do believe there's a review of Needles and Bones in this issue of CdF, with no little praise for a certain poet I may be writing to right now.

(Makes note to read poems after required daily amounts of As You Like It, Hamlet in Purgatory and The Castle of Otranto.)

Re: I'm just sayin'.

I am devouring the issue as we speak. I'm on Amal's piece of fiction! Can't wait to see the review *blush* Many thanks :)

Awesome! Congratulations :)

Thanks <3 Is your brain-fog much improved? I think I threw off a little bit today, although some of my research findings put me into a new and different funk. Gotta love academia!

Fire-season's made my brain-fog nigh-impenetrable. And I'm stuck on the diss at a point of analysis that I haven't the clarity to pull together.

Your poems are extrmeely trippy on brain-fog by the way :) All vivid images and luscious words, but not enough brain to get the coherence.

Ooh, speaking of poetry, I read "Apsara" over on Goblin Fruit earlier - it's so gorgeously lyrical! And I'm a sucker for poems with parts/movements.

Thank you <3

(Deleted comment)
CdF is so pretty. I'm sitting here reading the issue and thinking, damn, Erz can design aesthetically pleasing websites!

I love both of those. :)

I'm particularly happy that "Cry Wolf" found a home where it did. It was rejected by Strange Horizons. Every time a poem of mine that they rejected finds a home, my heart rejoices :-P

Congratulations, Adrienne! I just read "Cry Wolf." I love Cabinet des Fees as well, so I'll be busy reading some of the other stories and poems now in the new issue.

I've been reading the issue for well over an hour now and am really enjoying it :) Thank you!

Oh wow, I love both of these. Congrats!

*Succinct* is what you get when you mix creativity with massive amounts of academic training in journalism :) Cheers!

My academic training is in literary analysis, which does not necessarily foster succinctness ;)

I've had more than a fair share of academic literary analysis as well. Some of it gets internalized and the rest of it wears off :)~

Ah, how I love Cry Wolf. And Cabinet des Fées looks really interesting!

When I get round to reviewing Needles & Bones, I highly doubt it'll be succinct. :) I've really enjoyed what I've read of it so far.

It takes all kinds, though. I've never seen you review something before, so I admit I'm intrigued!

I really haven't reviewed anything for ages, so this is quite exciting for me too. I'll try not to get too perfectionistic about it. :)

I just read Answer Me. What a breath of hot Egyptian air! You capture such an atmosphere there.

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