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What did I do with my last day of freedom? Pick blackberries.
Which were promptly made into a crumble, om nom nom. With custard, which may or may not make me ill later.

See, I've got a major final-chapter draft deadline on 28 September, and given that this month will hold a lot of interruptions (Harrogate on the 7th, London for the 10th and 11th, Stratford for the 25th-27th), I've got to get myself back on a very strict work schedule. Believe me when I say that the last two months have been anything but strict. I've been on some fairly hardcore holiday, partly because I needed it and partly because people just kept coming to visit. Right after my big deadline, on 30 September, we leave for the States for two weeks. That'll be a nice trip, but I'll have no money to spend. At least James is paying for food and such, I guess. I'm sick of this financial tether.

There are also some anthology submission dates opening up in the next couple of months that I'd really love to have a story or two finished for. So, there's also that.

(Here's where the keeping me on task will come in, shweta_narayan!)

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Ack--good luck and enjoy the trips!!

All pre-planned, thank goodness. Although there will be no buying of souvenirs or frivolous things, which massively sucks. When I travel, I like to window shop. This has been a horrid summer on that front *wry grin*

OOOH. Fresh blackberries. And crumble! And CUSTARD! EEEEEEE om nom.

It was fairly good. A bit tart, but good.

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