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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Another exciting poetry sale:
"Five Secret Selves," "The Monsters of Notre-Dame," and "Tell No Tales" will be appearing in Midnight Echo 3. This will be my first time in an Australian publication! Awesome. Another few oceans crossed...

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(Deleted comment)
Bwahah. What you haven't seen is that I got yet another rejection from Strange Horizons last night ;) Poetry. But I still have one poem in with them - a new one, a good one (I hope) - and a short story. I intend to go down fighting!

Wow - you're so successful!

It's all relative: I've had two good acceptances this week, but I've also had three rejections (Strange Horizons, Rattle, and my old favorite, POETRY). Thanks, though!

I like the thought: a horror magazine. How unusual!

Aww, that's wonderful! Congrats--especially on the Australian note! :D
And you can't be accepted without some rejections, right?

Absolutely. I'd say I get anywhere between 2-4 rejections for every acceptance. Or thereabouts. I really should keep track of my rejections as carefully as I keep track of my acceptances, but I admit that I generally don't (except in the case of a few special magazines that have begun to get on my nerves ;)

oooh, I guess I'll be buying me a copy of that :D

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