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Given it was announced while I was in Edinburgh, I can probably post about this.
I've come onboard as co-host for one of York's local open-mic evenings, Speakers' Corner. The event is held on the second Wednesday of each month, and, in addition to welcoming anyone who has poetry, prose, or music to share, we also have a guest-reader each month who gets a large chunk of time at the center of the evening (which usually lasts a good two to three hours). My co-host Andy and I have just finished some of the scheduling for 2010, and I'm very pleased to say that we'll be welcoming tithenai, Inua Ellams, and Niki Aguirre (amongst others; the scheduling's nowhere near complete). I'll be featuring, too, around the time Lost Books comes out.

Keep an eye on the website; once all of these things are set in stone, we post guest-lists and even reviews of said guests' performances after the fact.

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Wow--that sounds amazing! Congrats and good luck!

It's a great event. I'm glad to be a more permanent part of it, at least for the time being!

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