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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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New venue alert:
Tea in blue
FEAST Literary Journal: Poetry For the Senses

Pointed out to me by a colleague who is familiar with the team of former lit students starting it up. The website is elegantly, quirkily designed (so far), and the editorial team knows what it's on about!

(So, you know the drill: submit.)

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"I could be bounded in a nutshell..."

Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle really seemed eager to publicize it for her friends, so I see no harm in spreading the word.

(Deleted comment)
I kind of thought you'd be interested :)

Oh, that looks really interesting! Thanks for linking it.

Start-up journals are good to try for obvious reasons: in order to get off the ground, they need submissions. And when you're thus far an unknown quantity as a publication, those are sometimes tricky to come by.

Indeed! I'll definitely have to brush up some stuff and submit.

I saw some revision suggestions from another friend of yours in passing. I think they're good ones :)

Oh, I think they're good too, and I'll certainly keep them in mind - I'm glad you agree. :) It's so great to get good concrit, especially for poetry.

Submitted! Thanks for the head's up. :)

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