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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Allergy meds render me almost incapable of coherent thought.
alankria arrived yesterday, brought in erzebet and her partner. We all had lunch at Red Chilli, which is probably the best Chinese restaurant in York. After that, Alex and I went through the York Minster undercroft, where I saw the cutest thing ever.

There was a little boy, maybe three years old, peering down through the glass at four large figures of saints that once stood outside the Norman minster. He gasped in wonder, looked up at me, and said, "Look! Statues!" I could only respond with an ear-splitting grin, because, you know, very articulate children are pleasing. To top it all off, however, when his father called for him to come, he gave the statues one last wistful glance, waved at them, smiled at me, and them scampered off.

A little kid who waves at medieval statues as if they're living people. Amazing.

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That is sort of fantabulous. :-D

Kids can be really cool that way :D

I mean, he knew they were statues. He knew to call them that. Still, they were worthy of his awe and his recognition as entities. It's all-around impressive, some weird combination of intelligence and whimsy.

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It was more in the way he looked at the statues. It was sheer, intelligent wonder. I haven't seen that from a child passed randomly in public in quite a while.


They are my favorite kind of human.

Smart infants are really cool. Like, the ones who are nowhere near talking yet, but just look at everything with this avid, fascinated focus.

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But kind of funny all the same. How old is your kid?

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...German toilets flush weirdly? Fascinating. I've been there plenty of times, and it's never occurred to me that they have weird toilets.

Well, it's only right to be polite to statues. :)

Especially ones as old and venerable as those.

Awww. What a cute little story with which to end my day!

Thank you. <3

The kid was really cute to begin with, too.

That kid is going to grow up to be something wonderful. :) Waving at statues. LOVE.

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