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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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...and now I'm on YouTube. This is kind of scary.
Glad to see you
James's co-worker, Angela, one of the three actors in the show we took to Fringe last week, caught part of my reading at Underword on video and uploaded it to my YouTube account which I had only ever used for the purpose of stalking The Joker Blogs. Here it is:

Underword, 8/9/09 - Me reading "Snap" & "Four Last Things"

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Oh, it's so nice to hear you read! I'd forgotten how your voice sounds. :) I like how much emotion and diversity you put in your reading.

Also, mm Joker Blogs!

...I hadn't realized you'd heard my voice before. Maybe when I used to do voice-posts back in the day? No, surely not; I think those were before your time, as it were! Then again, I could be misremembering.

I'm pretty sure you've done at least one voice-post that I've heard! :) I remember being a bit surprised at how you sounded. It's always interesting, the voices we imagine for internet people.

(I should perhaps do a voice-post at some point, although my voice always sounds incredibly weird when recorded.)

What a lovely reading! Thanks for sharing!

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That's the #1 thing that people say when they hear my voice for the first time - that it's "different from what they expected." It's happened enough times now that I'm fairly fascinated. What had you been expecting?

You're a teacher, I assume? :)

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Quite literally a soprano, even - before I transferred to Wellesley and ended up as an English major, I spent a couple years at a conservatory training to become an opera singer. But I realized I was in trouble when I thought, hum, I spend more of my time in the practice rooms writing than actually singing ;)

Ah, it's the name irony, though. According to what research I've done, the various forms of my name - Adrienne, Adrianna, Adrian - mean, at their Latin root, "dark one." I'm dark enough on the inside, all right, but the package it got wrapped up in is decidedly...pasty.

(Deleted comment)
My ancestry is 3/4 English and 1/4 French-Italian. Northern Italian, at that. No lovely olive skin here :-P

If you want to grab the clip or link to it on the Underword site, please do. I saw Claire link to you reading from Crap Ghosts on Facebook :)

The sound's a bit off, but I really enjoyed what I could hear of your second poem, especially the part about who would mark the couples' graves if there are no bodies to bury. Cool shirt, btw, again, from what I could see of it!

I read "Answer Me." I know it's a one-shot, but it left me wishing I could hear about more of Carl's adventures. I feel like I'm no good at reviewing, but I loved the sense of mysticism interwoven with reality throughout the story. It was magical.

You sort of do have to crank it up the whole way to hear it properly; she was standing at the back of the room, that's probably why. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, as I had feared it would be totally incomprehensible at that distance. I needed the clip to send it to someone in London.

Well, Carl's adventures in this world, at least, are at an end. But as for what he's up to now, or before the story, I hadn't thought of that! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I wish I could manage to write short stories more often. It's time, stress, and guilt issues, I suspect. But I did write a new one this week, and I have notes for a few more. Edinburgh was good for me; I wish I could've stayed a second week. Since getting home, I've managed to crash back down into stress :-P

(Thank you. All around.)

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