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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Home from Edinburgh a bit worse for wear + writing news, bits & sundries, ringing endorsements, etc.
The short version: the four of us decimated four bottles of wine last night after eating James's famous prawn curry, and the wine...didn't sit well with the curry. I spent the first part of the night tossing in discomfort, feverish, and James tells me that, at one point, I was muttering and half-singing to myself. Actually, I almost remember singing; Ophelia-like, I'd latched onto snippets from The Decemberists' Hazards of Love and Tom Waits's "Hang Down Your Head."

I was sort of upset on account of continued frustration re: being almost totally broke (on my own account) now, and I was wondering in my delirium if I should just give it all up and accept that I'm stuck. Dependent. Wagered all; lost. The hazards of love indeed. Anyway, I think I scared him a little bit. The curry didn't stay down, either. I'm only just now starting to feel normal again. All in all, though, it was a great trip.

Books read while away: Moby Dick, Clockwork Phoenix, and Clockwork Phoenix 2.

The first, I hadn't read since I was 14. It held up better to scrutiny this time, although the down-side is that I've come to the realization that Ishmael is such a bluestocking that I kind of want to cry. STFU, dude. You don't know jack about cetology.

The second and third, geez. I'm now more deterined than ever to submit something for Clockwork Phoenix 3 when the time comes. The second anthology is particularly strong!

I started writing a short story today; rain after long draught. The last time I finished a reasonably long story was about a year ago. That would be "Answer Me," which you can read in the Needles & Bones anthology from Drollerie Press. Don't let the fact that it's an e-book scare you away. It's a cracking collection! Also, John C. Wright would not approve of my story. Not one bit. Which means, you know, that my bisexual soul will rot in Hell.

(Also, I'm going to be featured on One Night Stanzas in September. Stay tuned!)

ETA: And Jabberwocky has landed! It contains my poem , "Cradle Song," and the issue is otherwise so full of freaky-talented people that I'm not sure what I'm doing there being my usual intense, tragic, vaguely macabre self. My goth friends think I missed my true calling.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm usually happy when in my cups, but sometimes I'm sad, paranoid, and a little bit mad. In the cuckoo sense. And, hey, I'm three years off 30! Gettin' up there ;)

I hope mine arrives soon, too.

Uh ... wow. I am having one hell of a weird moment here. I knew the title of the anthology your story is published in sounded familiar, and then I checked the contents list and ... I was right. I know someone else (on LJ) who has a story in that anthology. XD Her name is Kris Vaagen. How bizarre and unlikely is that? I definitely need to buy it now. :

What a small world! We shall love you forever *G*

intriguing song choice from a state of delirium!

I've always liked that song. Since about 2001, which is when I first heard it, anyway.

Hooray for writing short stories! I should get back into that vibe too. Being too busy/stressed for writing sucks. :/

Gah, I've been reading all the John C. Wright stuff, and the mind, it boggles. *stab*

Needles & Bones looks so pretty! If only I had any money I'd buy it instantly. *sigh*

He deleted the original post (or locked it), so I haven't yet seen his full diatribe! Probably better that way.

No, I haven't seen the full diatribe either - just stumbled on cucumberseed's response to it. Reading the snippets was quite enough! Uuuuughghghg. I spent quite a while yesterday feeling angry at the stupidity of such people.

Thanks for that! I think those quotes supply most of the bits I hadn't seen. Wow, what an epic dickhead.

Yeah, I think most of the quotage is there. It's bloody insane. I think I need to scrub my brain now...

Oh, dear. I'm SO very sorry you were so sick. Especially on the last leg of your trip!
I'm glad the rest of it went well and you had a good time, though.

Congrats on the writing! And Jabberwocky! :D

I'm sorry you were ill. :(

However, I'd really appreciate James's curry recipe, if he doesn't mind passing it on. I haven't had it in a year now!

I shall tell him to send it to you :)

Holy shit you read fast O_o

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