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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day 1
Today got off to a slow start: we were all very tired, because the tech run on the show being performed by James and his two co-workers, Only Water Between, was from 1:00-3:00 AM. The opening performance itself, at 4:00 PM in C Soco, went very well. Fortunately, I didn't make a mess of the lighting and sound, which I basically learned to do at the last minute. If you're in town and interested in seeing the show, it runs for six more days (same time, same place).

After the show, we all breathed a sigh of relief and scattered for a bit of wandering. James and I discovered an amazing Nepalese & Indian restaurant called Namaste Kathmandu, where we had two of the best curries that I've ever tasted for dinner. After that, we headed down to the venue where I'm reading tomorrow night to see the poet who was reading there this evening (Alistair Findlay, who was excellent). We also discovered a little organic grocery store run by an amazing Palestinian gentleman who fed us pieces of home-made date and almond bar while I bought chai and dried mango from him. We plan to eat lunch there every single day we're here, I think. And we met Lisa, too, a lovely woman from South Africa who said she'd come see me read poetry tomorrow night.

Speaking of which: Monday, 10 August, 7:50 PM @ Fingers Piano Bar, 61a Frederick Street, Edinburgh – Underword Poetry, come along and hear some live verse!

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I'm glad everything is going well and y'all are having a good time! Good luck with the remaining shows! :D

It's a wonderful time! Just what I needed after all of this year's semi-depressed frustration :)

Oh man. Your foodiness is giving me cravings.

My foodiness gives me cravings, too. Today's looking like Middle Eastern fare...

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