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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Off to Edinburgh!
Soon, anyway. Our ride will be here within the next couple of hours. In the meantime, if you're bored, join in our healthcare discussion.

Any recs on good, cheap places to eat around the city?

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Elephants and Bagels! Amazing bagels, and lots of elephants.

No, it's on Nicholson Sq, near Pleasance. It comes up on Google with a map. We have nice lunches there.

Do you live in Edinburgh proper, then? I'll be in town till the 16th. Do you want to have tea or lunch or something?

No, I'm in Leeds but we make an annual pilgrimage up there for the Fringe. Tea sounds good. Tea always sounds good! But I can't guarantee I'll have much free time - we've got 5 shows a day booked already :/ Eating's going to be a challenge.

I'm fairly wide open, except starting tomorrow from about 4:00 PM onward each day we're there. If you find you have a sliver of time to spare, feel free to ring me on 07999787738 :)

Have a safe trip and enjoy!!

It's wonderful already! Update forthcoming.

Oooh Edinburgh!! I miss that place so much! I loved a little place called Kilimanjaro Coffee, on Nicolson St. (126 Nicolson, to be exact). I took everyone who visited me to breakfast there, and I remember they had an amazing sandwich, that I believe had brie, basil, and mushrooms on a croissant. The staff was also very friendly (then again, everyone was friendly in Edinburgh).
Nicolson St. is the same street as South Bridge and North Bridge, which is kind of the main street in that part of Edinburgh, close to the Royal Mile.
I also very much liked a place called The Advocate, I believe near the corner of The Royal Mile and South Bridge, and a place called Biblos (incredible fish chowder!) near the corner of Cowgate and South Bridge. Those are both a little less cheap, but delicious!!
I'm totally jealous, and hope you have a wonderful time! If you have time, climb Arthur's Seat. It's a really easy climb, with a beautiful view at the top!! Enjoy!

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