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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I'm a tea fanatic and an art collector at heart, dammit!
Tea in blue
This is so beautiful. I want it.

(Why, why must it cost $3,000? IT IS A TEACUP. A valuable one, but still. THREE GRAND. Like, maybe a few hundred dollars, but...?!)

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That is amazing :OOO I am sharing in your coveting of it!

It looks like it's been spattered with blood. Fantastic. And I love cranes/herons; they are the closest thing I have to a totem animal. Um. Except for butterflies. Long stories, both.

I would call it my Crane Wife cup and love it forever.

I feel your pain. So does every Japanese green tea in my cupboard!

It has always been in my nature to covet beautiful, unreasonable things.

THREE GRAND? It's mid 20-th century, that's not even antique, what gives?

but it is awfully pretty...

Yeah, it doesn't seem old enough, does it, to warrant that price?

okay. i'm a tea fanatic too, but that is just WAY OVERPRICED.

Yeah. But it's definitely unique, I'll give it that.

That's very pretty, but I have seen modern Japanese ceramics of a similar design for far, far, far less. Is it made by a particularly coveted designer?

It was made by a very respected artisan, I think, who may not be alive anymore. I've seen ones in similar shape, but never with a glaze or design like that. I'm taken with it because it's so very different.

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Hi Adrienne,
I am exactly the same. I covet beautiful things I don't need (and have no place for) and then feel miserable because I can't afford them. (Or guilty because I have succumbed to temptation.) What are we to do?! Love Tanya

Well, I go on hoping that one day I'll win or inherit a large sum of money and then be able to give in to one (or more) of said temptations ;)

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