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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry sales!
"Goldilocks, Twenty Years On" has sold to Star*Line for the March issue, and "Martyrs' Tales" for the May issue.

(And since my employment kicks in around October, I can finally think of joining the SFPA! Or whatever it will be called. I understand that there are a lot of changes underway and a lot of volatile discussions going on; I've been participating at the edges as much as I'm able. I've been watching the mailing list since early this year, although I've posted very little. The bottom line is, I see becoming a member as a positive thing, regardless of what happens with the name of the organization. New blood will mean new ideas.)

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cool - which issue?

You know, I have a horrible time with this LJ style. The user icons are separated from the body of the comment under this browser. Tis a shame, me must say!

One poem for March, one for May. I've corrected the above accordingly :) And I'm sorry my LJ layout disagrees with your browser!

Oh, that's ok. No control on this one; my home one may see htings better.

Cool - my collaborator and I have two coming out in the May issue, under our byline.

Awesome! I'll look out for it :)

(Deleted comment)
Today seems to be a "congratulations !" day (about time...) Hope it will stay this way a bit longer !

So... do I need to say i again ? :D

No, my dear *hugs* Not if you don't want to. Your fingers need to be in good shape for your own writing ;)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you :) Lovely icon!

First time(s) in this particular publication. I'm pleased :)

(Deleted comment)
Much like jainas, if you're sick of saying it, don't feel obliged ;)

Nonsense! It's wonderful to hear all of your publication news!

Congrats on the sales! I look forward to reading these.

And you have some in upcoming issues, too, don't you?

Yes, I do. One in January, one in May, & one in this year's July/Aug. issue. (I think I may have one in the Sept./Oct. issue as well, but can't remember.)

(Deleted comment)
It doesn't actually say on the website that you have to be a member to submit! And submission guidelines are on the main page (http://www.sfpoetry.com/) - just scroll down a little under halfway, and you'll see them.

Congratulations, and hello! I am Julia Rios, and I've been seeing you around the SFPA discussion and my friendslist, so I'm adding you. I'm a poet/fantasy writer, fairly new to the scene, but really looking forward to building connections within the community.

I'm a poet as well, and I occasionally write short stories that, much to my shock, find their way into circulation, too. I see you're from Massachusetts; I did my undergraduate degree at Wellesley. I do miss Boston! My husband's family is based in Worcester, so when we're Stateside, we're always in the area -

Hey, wait a second. We'll be in the Boston area for a brief visit from 30 September through 6 October, so if you fancy meeting up... :)

That would be awesome! I'm going to Viable Paradise on the 4th of October, but I should be free before that.

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