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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I don't normally do haiku, but there's always an exception to the rule.
Glad to see you
The winning poems in the Royal Shakespeare Company's competition are now posted on the website, mine included.

I won in the 17-30 age group. There were four age-groups total, plus a Twitter-entry category. So: five winning poems, all very different!

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I remember that haiku now! It is cute. Shoes yay! Also, I must say the coolest part for me is that your poem's going to be in the STAGING OMG. That is pretty awesome.

I also really like the dandelion poem in the next age category up. Even if the idea of having age categories in a competition that's not for kids seems a bit weird... Maybe they're doing an Ages of Man thing?

When I am down there in September, I will take pictures if possible. I chose Julius Caesar as my prize-tickets, so James and I are headed to Stratford in late September!

That's great!! Stratford is gorgeous, too - have you been? Just a note if you go over a weekend - the trains back to York on a Sunday from S-u-A are SO SLOW. I went to see Richard III a while back and the Saturday trains were fine but the Sunday trains made me want to pull my hair out!

Yep, I was there in early 2005 when the UK was having that freakishly beautiful late March/early April weather :)

Really breathtakingly lovely, Adrienne. Congratulations.

Thank you, dear. Your icon looks yummy, cartoon or not...

Awesome news, congratulations!

I loved the poem. So true.

True of several pairs of my shoes, actually! Although I'm now in a relationship that has so far outlasted several of my newer pairs of shoes, so - the balance of the universe is restored ;)

Aww--that's a lovely little haiku!
Congrats again!

That's just so cool. It's fantastic that despite you going through a hell of a lot of bad luck o'er the past year or so your writing is going very well indeed!
>^,,^< //

As I've said, I'm noticing a pattern: when everything else sucks, the writing perks up by leaps and bounds. Some kind of cosmic compensation, I guess :) I'm not sure I actually always believe in cosmic compensation, but. Even so.

That's a very exciting contest to win (especially when forgot)!

I did a double-take at the notification letter, literally.

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