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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Oh, the relief.
I've just been offered some teaching for this autumn. Approaches to Literature again. First-years. It's a demanding course, but I've done it before. It seems I've become popular for pinch-hitting slots when people set to teach a section back out at the last minute!

(I dreamed of some students last night - a seminar group I'd never met before, but mine. They were putting on short plays they'd written for class. Yes.)

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It's three months of work, anyway, that will pay fairly well.

fiere Expand
When approaching literature, you should walk softly and carry a large stick ;-)

I carry a large stick and run at it screaming.

This is a good new. :) Congratulations !
You must be a bit relieved...

It means I'll have work from October through December, anyway!

Oh my God that is fantastic news! Seriously, yes. Congrats <3

Employment from October through December, at least :) Hopefully something else will come up during that time that I can pick up with after the New Year.

Hooray! Good news at last!

Yes. Three months of guaranteed work is a good thing. After that, who knows!

I wish it were for longer than three months, but three months of work at this point is a good thing.

(Deleted comment)
Guaranteed work from October through December. Yes plz!

Sounds good! Hopefully this helps with finance!

Good luck with the course and students!

Guaranteed work from October through December will definitely help, yes!

Oh, good! I'm so glad - it must be an incredible relief. <3

Three months of work = me not complaining. After that, who knows ;)

Huzzah! Approaches is pretty well paid. I wish the English dept would give me an Approaches class, but oh well! :) I will be teaching Making History and a history course of my own design (The Tudors: The Wars of the Roses to Gloriana) so I shouldn't complain really! :)

Yeah - all told, I think I made almost 1400 quid teaching Approaches last autumn. Of course, I had to fight HM Revenue & Customs for 300 of it that I didn't see until May this year. I'm going to try to head that off this time if at all possible; should probably talk to Payroll. I've had teaching three years in a row now in the English Department; I can't really complain!

ajodasso Expand
Awesome--that actually sounds kind of fun!
Congrats! :D

Teaching is really quite fun, or at least I think so!


Also, your teaching dreams sound much less stressful than mine. :)

I rarely have teaching dreams period, which is what makes it all so strange. As if my dream was telling me, hey, happy teaching-related things are coming your way! I was actually disappointed to wake up and find it hadn't happened. Until I got the email, and then I was ecstatic again!

(Deleted comment)
Takes care of the next few months, anyway.

Yes. Am cautiously optimistic :)

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