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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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This is so unbelievably embarrassing, yet so unbelievably cool!
So, I just got a mysterious, reasonably thick white envelope in the mail from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

What, I thought, could they possibly be sending me? I'm not a subscriber. I've never even seen a show there. Are they doing a fund drive?

Upon opening the envelope, I discovered a letter informing me I've won their As You Like It Poetry Competition for my age group. Which I only vaguely remember entering via their website back in February, because one of you lot had posted a link to it. And I can't remember which poem I submitted, nor does the letter parrot my title back at me. Queue vague panic.

My prize is two tickets to any upcoming performance, availability permitting.

I can't believe I've forgotten which poem I sent. So, I've emailed the contact person saying, okay, thanks, have you got any Saturday tickets for As You Like It or Julius Caesar?

And also, can you remind me which bloody poem I sent?

ETA: I'm pretty sure I remember now. It's not a poem I've sent anywhere else. It was a somewhat ironic love haiku that I'd had kicking about for a while!

HAH!!! Congratulations! Colour me jealous and delighted. :) And also amused.

What I'm desperately afraid of is that it'll turn out to be a poem that I've accidentally submitted somewhere else in the seven months' interim and it's been published. Oh God. Get back to me soon, director dude...

But thanks, yes, I'm sitting here kind of stupefied!

Wow, that's so cool! I really hope the poem hasn't been published elsewhere... :P Congratulations in any case!

Actually, I think I'm in the clear. It might have been a certain ironic love haiku floating around for a while that I thought was clever and tossed it at them.

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Thanks. Were you the one who posted about it? I don't remember! I wouldn't have known about it if someone on my flist hadn't linked to it all those months ago.

Congratulations! That's great!

Also like the TA userpic :-)

Thanks :) TA userpic? I've kind of forgotten which one I used for this post...

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No - it was a competition run through their website back in February or so. I submitted it via a web e-mail form.

Well, you have sent out a ton of submissions recently... :)

But that is absolutely, incredibly cool! Congrats!!

(By the way, was this the Twitter contest? If so, wouldn't that filter the possibilites significantly?)

True. I'm not sure why I wouldn't have logged this in my subs file. Maybe I thought it was a lark and nothing would come of it.

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Huzzah! And may the puzzle of which poem you submitted be speedily unwound!

I've remembered now. It was a snarky love haiku that I'd had sitting around for a while that had previously served no purpose :)

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Trying to contact the chairperson and secure my choice of tickets has kind of derailed my day, but I'm not exactly complaining :) He must be very busy. Neither my email, nor my voicemail have so far elicited a response. I'm just nervous about the tickets slipping away; Julius Caesar has been very popular this season, I've heard!

I can has Julius Caesar tickets. Yay!

Julius Caesar, here I come :)


Seriously well done there. Enjoy your play.

I have opted for Julius Caesar :)

That's seriously cool! I kind of hope you see Julius Caesar...it's been a longstanding love of mine, ever since it was assigned to me as a freshman in high school. Congratulations.

I've just had it confirmed that I've got two tickets to see Julius Caesar on 26 September!

I'm sorry; my only available response is "eeeeeeeeee."

Okay, I'm back now. :) Congrats! What a lovely thing to get!