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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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A review! And some photos from Saturday.
Soleil Noir has reviewed Needles and Bones in its entirety. For those of you who might be interested in purchasing the anthology, it's available here. Here's what she has to say about my story, "Answer Me":

“Carl has saved enough money, made contact with the right man, and if he can’t be the man he dreamed he would be, at least he can own a tiny part of Egypt. But Egypt isn’t the right place for average men with average dreams, and though he loves it, it may not love him.”

Ohoho, this description was deceptively simple. This story is so much more. Carl’s passion is Egyptiana, more specifically illegal artifacts. Just as he comes into possession of his own little slice of Eqypt, he meets a man who has no intention of letting Carl keep them. Seeing as Drollerie did not give the twist away in the description, I don’t think I should. I’ll just say: this isn’t for the narrow of mind. I think this one could be classified as Urban Fantasy…and as such, a very entertaining read. :D

Thanks, Soleil, for a cracking review! It's true, I don't let people off easy.

In the photos, I'm reading from this book.

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Sounds fantastic!

I can't wait to get these anthologies! :D

I just added a few photos from the Saturday reading, too :)

Congrats on the review! (And I love the dress you're wearing on those photos.)

I think I got it at Noa Noa back in summer 2006 when they were having clearances. What you can't see is the random lace flower detail on the skirts. It's one of my favorite dresses :)

Congratulations on the review!

Great pictures. There'll have to be more events like that.

I agree! Thanks for a lovely time; it was amazing to finally meet some of the others :)

You're most welcome! "Answer Me" was definitely one of my favorites from the Antho. I'm glad you liked my review. :)

Oh! I hadn't realized you were on LJ, too :) The review is marvelously thorough. Glad you enjoyed the anthology!

Yip, I just joined a little while back to comment on some of my friends' live journals. Haven't gotten around to putting up anything useful on my own LJ though.

Thank you for the friending!

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