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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My in-laws have arrived.
I had my first formal interview this morning for the call-center job, which means I've successfully made it through step three of the process. Then, my in-laws arrived around 1:00 PM, at which point we put down their luggage and proceeded to tramp around York in 90-degree heat. And then I got a call inviting me for a second interview.

In four years of living in England, I've never experienced such a hot summer! The trip to Scarborough tomorrow will be most welcome.

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I had some English (and Scottish) tourists tell me our weather patterns have switched. So, on the upside, they felt right at home in Boston with out current humid 60 degree weather and rain, and asked why we had proceeded to send them the 90+ temperatures and humidity.

Not sending it back, I informed them, except for my allergies going to hell part. But it'll probably switch by Thanksgiving.

Congrats on the interview! Good luck with the in-laws and the heat!

I was having a conversation with one of my advisors yesterday, and she's leaving for England at the end of the week. Looking out the window, she commented that at least our (rainy, 60-degree) weather was preparing her for England's weather, and I agreed. Then I looked at the Guardian homepage and watched some Wimbledon. Heh.

Good luck on the second interview!

Yeah, but you've experienced two of the most miserable summers of the last two decades. This was nothing. As a native, I lol at the UK's reaction to the recent temperatures (although, admittedly, I've seen a heatwave summer in London, and I'm sure it's rather hotter there than York, so most people in the media think the whole country is like that).

You have our weather and we yours ... it's been rainy and temperate here.

Edited at 2009-07-02 09:55 pm (UTC)

Hooray on the job interview and, hopefully, on the in-laws. As for the weather, it sounds like it's been unusually warm everywhere...

Hooray for interviews! Best of luck!

The weather here's been bipolar: 90 degrees, or raining heavily, or both. Wettest summer I've seen in a while.

The summer of 2006 was hotter than this. It was the hottest recorded weather in 400 years of record keeping.

Congratulations on getting a second interview!

Also, weren't you here in 2006 when it hit 100ºF? This is nothing compared to that! @_@

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