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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Issue #3 of Ouroboros Review is live, featuring:
* John Siddique and Denise Duhamel

* Poetry from lots of other writers (including me)

Click here to purchase the issue. Alternatively, you can access it free under the CURRENT ISSUE portion of the site, but I'm going to push purchasing because the hard-copy is just incredibly gorgeous!

In other news, say hello to my new MacBook, Eli. S/he is nothing fancy and was got at a very great discount indeed, but s/he is super efficient and will probably rip your head off if you try and mess with me. S/he has gender issues, hence the name.

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Congrats on your new MacBook! You didn't name him/her after any particular literary character, did you...? *g*

Let the Right One In. Of course.

bought this aj

"What it is"... understand all that except "babe she caught that night on the water because..." Of course I have insider information. your mom

Taking a bit of a dig at myself, I suppose you could say - you must have got me from somewhere in the forest, fairy child, rather than elsewhere ;) Don't mind me.

The fact that your computer has gender issues amuses me more than perhaps it should.

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