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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My entire world is sort of...spinning.
I mean, there's the job-interview-visit-thing tomorrow. I hope that goes well, and if I get the job, I hope that my two weeks of hardcore training don't have to start till after my in-laws visit. James's parents and aunt will be staying with us from 2-11 July.

Sadly, I won't be able to see them off on the 11th, as I will be on a train early that morning, on my way to take part in the Hadley Rille Books UK signing for Ruins Terra down in Wirral. This is the anthology containing my short story, "In Every Place That I Am," that came out back in late 2007. If you're in the area, please drop by!

In other writing news, I've seen the proofs of Ouroboros Review Issue 3, which comes out on 1 July. All three of my poems perch neatly on one page, which is pleasing. There are some very talented people in this issue, and some amazing features.

My new computer has not arrived yet. The postman is taking his time.

ETA: Also, I am going to continue pushing the Needles & Bones anthology as if my life depended on it. Seriously, folks - this is my longest published short story to date (7000 words), and if you've liked my other Egypt-centric writing, you'll probably enjoy this one a lot. And the rest of the writing in the anthology is just stunning, too.

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Ooh, a signing -- cool! This sounds like a lot of potentially good stuff. Good luck!

It'll be nice to meet the other UK-based writers who were also in that particular anthology :)

West Kirby library is about fifteen minutes from my house! It'll depend on my work schedule but I'll certainly do my best to get to the signing.

The signing starts at 2:30 PM, if that's any help :) And I think it only goes for about an hour and a half, two hours, if that. I think there will be copies of the book on sale there, etc., although the organizer was saying the bookstore might be pulling out (gee, thanks).

Wow--a booksigning! You're such a celebrity!

Ooh, I still need to get those anthologies. They're waiting on my paycheck. ;)

Good luck with the interview and the signing! :D

Hah, a celebrity? I wish ;) More like a known personality in some circles, but still a total nobody in others. No, I think famous is when you get about as revered as Mr. Gaiman...

Much appreciated <3 You will seriously enjoy these books.

I suspect you need only give it time! :D

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