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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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LISTEN UP: these Drollerie Press anthologies need your love!
As many of you know, Drollerie Press specializes in publishing novels and anthologies in e-book format. Whether a title goes to print or not depends entirely on how well it sells...and I was astonished to learn in Thursday night's chat that the anthologies generally don't sell as well as the novels. This is disheartening, especially given that these anthologies contain writing from incredible talents. Just go have a look at any of the tables of contents! I guarantee you'll recognize a lot of names.

Therefore, I'm going to urge you to pick up a copy of not only Needles & Bones, which contains my new short story, "Answer Me," but also StereoOpticon, which I have on my hard drive and plan to devour next week (assuming Pearl is fixed).

(Seriously, though - not only do these anthologies contain gorgeous writing, but they also have beautiful cover designs. I admit that's part of the reason I'd so love to see them sell well enough to go to hard copy. I will send a free PDF copy of Needles & Bones to anyone who promises to review it on their blog. And as for the rest of you, it's priced at a reasonable $8.46 - the cover art is stunning; let's push this beauty and its contents to print!)

ETA: The free copy has been claimed by wordweaverlynn.

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I shall email you the file posthaste, then!

I live vicariously through talented people.

I guarantee you'll recognize a lot of names.

You're not kidding--not one, but TWO people from my flist are on there. What a small world!

Congratulations, and I look forward to reading it.

Re: I live vicariously through talented people.

This is not a story I've ever posted locked on this journal, so if people want to read it, I fear I'm going to make them buy the book *g* Seriously, I love Drollerie to death, so I'm going to do everything I can to pub this anthology and another anthology that's coming out with a poem of mine in next month.

I hope you enjoy it! It's pretty amazing.

Wow-I'm seriously surprised that the anthologies don't do as well! I've always been a fan of short story anthologies!

And that's so cool that they're e-books! Thanks for sharing--I'll definitely be getting these! :D

I know - rather startling, isn't it? I would expect anthologies with such good line-ups of writers to do well, too. Guiltily, though, I do love print books - I mean, look, I'm campaigning for this one to go to print with all I've got.

Deena will love you forever!

Print books are very lovely to have--but they take up SO much room! I have run out of space several times and have nowhere else to put bookcases! I got the Sony Reader for Christmas last year and it's really amazing!

But, as an author, I know you want your work in actual print!

I'm going to have all kinds of fun browsing the different departments!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yes, that's right - you will have gotten a copy. I hope you enjoy it!

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