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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The table of contents for Jabberwocky 4 is out:
Fire & Water
Seriously, even the titles are fun to read!

(This will be released in July. Once again, I'm in absolutely brilliant company. Just look at all those excellent poets.)

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(Deleted comment)
I'm really looking forward to reading it, too :)

You are in the company of some fine names there, missy - Congrats! I look forward to receiving my copy.

Thank you <3 Also, the cover art is gorgeous.

So happy to share a TOC with you! Between this and Sigur Ros, you need should win at least half the Internet.

Oh, and you get major bonus points for The Last Unicorn icon. I haven't gotten the movie to show the kids yet, but I do have the book. Great book.

Of all their albums, I think ( ) and Takk are the best. If you haven't got Takk yet, that's definitely where you should head next!

I love both the novel and the animated adaptation.

Congrats! It looks like a great issue! :)

I love the cover art like whoa.

That's so exciting! And just, seriously, congratulations.

As a side note, I'm the Adriana floating around on Facebook who became a fan and then Facebook friend––there's not some completely random high schooler following you around. Just thought I'd say. :)

Actually, I had managed to put two and two together *g* Pardon me; I'm a bit slow this week. Too much squinting at manuscripts.

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