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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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...this is not good.
Glad to see you
An update on this morning, when Pearl (my iBook G4) was failing to boot up: she continued to fail to boot up well into this afternoon, as well as continuing to make the funny noise, so I finally threw up my hands and carted her down to the local computer repair shop.

Best-Case Scenario: they rip her open, find out what hardware needs replacing, and I owe them £150 for labor and parts.

Worst-Case Scenario: they rip her open, find out there's nothing that can be done, and I still owe them £60 for labor. And then have to figure out how the fuck I'm going to afford a £750 new computer. This just can't be happening now.

(But anyway, she's in the shop, so I'm going to owe them money no matter what.)

ETA: Okay, I'm fascinated by this prevailing idea that Macs are on the whole worse than PCs; in my experience, so far, the opposite has been true. My family's first computer was an Apple IIc, and, no joke, that machine was still in perfect working order 15 years later. Our first PC, a Gateway 2000, was useless within 3 years. Our next few Gateways? The same. And let's not talk about the Hewlett-Packard wreck that came after those. I got sent off to university with a HP desktop, and it was completely screwed inside two years. After that, I got a Dell desktop - only marginally better. I had Pearl for four years without any problems until this morning. Additionally, I've got at least four or five friends who've had iBooks last four, five, and even six years before they broke down. My experience with Pearl was consistent with this. She probably just got old.

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Oh no! So sorry to hear. Crossing my fingers that it's not too bad...

I should know by sometime tomorrow what the verdict is, in any case.

*hugs back*

Merci beaucoup.

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I hope, at the least, that you don't need a new computer. *hugs*

Me too. If my judgment is not off, the trouble is both the logic board and the hard drive. If they can replace one or both of those, I'll figure my way out of this more easily than if I have to buy a whole new machine. And hey, James is at work eight hours out of the day, so, for the moment, I've got his laptop at my disposal.

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To be dead honest, though - I had Pearl for 4 full years without any problems of any kind. Frankly, I need to face up to the fact that she just got old *sigh* I owned three different PCs before I owned Pearl, and each one of them was virus-ridden and/or malfunctioning wretchedly within 2 years.

Pearl's the best machine I've ever had. I'll never go back to PC. Four good error-free years are better than the alternative...

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This is Brie, having trouble logging in: It's just everything at once, gosh. Please email me if you get a moment, I have a suggestion.

I do love my Mac. I am only purchasing a PC this time around because I want a tablet PC and I want to support my parent company. otherwise, I'd get another mac!

I understand that PCs are more expedient for many people, and I also understand that there are some makes of PC that aren't as disaster-prone as the ones I've known. For my own uses and preferences, Macs really are perfect.

I hope Pearl feels better soon. :(

Hopefully when they call tomorrow they will say her hard drive can be replaced. Or something!

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My data is safe. I had backed it up, fortunately, before this happened. I'm never more glad than now that I invested in that external hard-drive about two years ago now.

Refurbished computers are a possibility - thanks for that link!

Well, hardware wise most mac and pc components are the same (certainly these days , they both run x86 architecture core2 chips, sata hard drives, same graphics cards) , so any notion that one is better than the other is largely a myth in my opinion - as they use the same manufacturers for a lot of parts anyway. Having said that, component quality affects things a lot, and the operating system software also affects things.

We use exclusively Windows HP desktops (although 2 of them we put Linux on to use as servers) at work, and we've had one problem with 50+ of them in the 3 years that i've been here, the power supply died at 3pm - I logged it on the HP site as non urgent, and a new one was there at 9am the next day - shipped from The Netherlands overnight for me.

Dells are generally crappy but that's down to the components - they use the cheapest ones they can find and these naturally don't last as long.

I've not had that much mac experience, but on the whole they seem the same as the average pc - generally the hard drive will go between the 3-6 year mark depending on usage, but only rarely will anything else break.

The operating system naturally helps macs though - OSX runs on a UNIX offshoot, and the *NIX series are very resilient to problems in hardware - vs windows which will generally whinge at the first sign of trouble. In the windows 95 days i used to have to reinstall windows every 2 months (i can still remember the serial code as a result), as it was that sensitive to problems. Latter version of windows arent so bad, but on the whole, Linux/OSX will handle hardware with minor faults without even telling you, until it becomes a major problem.


In my experience, Windows XP was the best version they ever made; it seemed to have fewer bugs than the versions previous (and also worked more smoothly than Vista does - the machine I'm on now, my husband's, runs Vista).

This is all good to know; thank you for the info and advice!

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Computer problems are just no good. Here's hoping yours get fixed quickly and at less expense than you estimate.

Personally, I think all computers have issues. Almost everyone I know has suffered defects or failures regardless of whether they own a Max or a PC. I've had my Dell for more than six years but I've had big problems (fortunately covered under an extended warranty), and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it can last a few more months so i can finish my PhD.

At least a lot of my Ph.D. stuff was being backed up on my husband's slightly-newer machine to begin with - and on a memory stick. I keep my academic stuff backed up in triplicate, nearly :-P

Macs are incredibly rugged in my experience. I have an iBook from 1999 that *still* works great. Yours is several years old; if I recall correctly you haven't had any major hardware repairs or failures in the time I've known you. That's an excellent lifespan for not only a portable computer, but a portable computer that's done as much traveling as yours has.

I'm sorry it's gone south, though. If I were there I'd take a look at it for you. :(

Yeah, dude, I know you have that ancient one! That's why I'll never go back to PC. If Pearl gets a new HD, she might last another few years yet. That would be awesome!

Oh no! I hope she's okay and repair-able!

And HPs are just about the worst PCs out there. Dells are semi-decent but I had major confrontation ordering my laptop for schoo, so I'm completely happy with Sony products. I've never had any problems with them! :D

She's been very well taken care of in spite of how much traveling she's done, so I actually expect repairs will be feasible.

Oh wow, the Universe really seems to have it in for you right now D:

Also, Pearl is four years old?! Okay, a) has it been that long?! I remember you naming her! and b) I can't believe it's lasted that long. Our downstairs HP is probably five years old, but it's been repaired once during that time, and right now, is clearly on its last breath.

Yep! Pearl is one hella old machine. I guess maybe I should be looking at this as "it was just her time" :-P

I got myself a Macbook...oh, almosy 3 years ago now?...and have not had ONE problem. Our PCs? So many problems. And we have bought two HP laptops for Clint to take with him to Afghanistan. The first one's wireless button wouldn't work straight out of the box so we returned and exchanged it. He used to second for 3 weeks and suddenly it wouldn't boot up. we're currently waiting for HP to send us restore discs or something and hoping they arrive in time to get everything sorted before he ships out. I will never buy another HP. Hell, I'd get him a mac except I don't want to spend the money on a machine going to a sandbox.

Mac is the way to go.

Yeah, sadly - most PCs in my life have been smoking the bad crack :( Granted, this laptop I'm using while Pearl's in the shop is my husband's, and we've had it for almost two years now with no major problems except a mystifying blue screen every once in a while (it's an Acer). I hate Windows Vista.

I for one think there are pros and cons to each - OSX is, hands down the better operating system (seriously, Windows? This poor machine is blighted with Vista), and these days they do come with similar hardware to many PCs. The catch is that you pay more for that hardware in a Mac than you would in a PC. If people bought OSes independently of hardware, I reckon you'd see a massive jump in Apple's market share.

HP are crap though. Barely a step above Toshiba, and I've yet to meet one of those that wasn't a disaster.

I'm really sorry about the position you're in (I'm sitting here kicking myself because I turfed a working Macintosh laptop hard-drive not a month ago - no one wanted it, and I had no use for it at the time). I know what it is to have more expenses than income, for months at a time, and I wish there was something I, indeed any of us, could do to help. Good luck, I hope it's the least expensive failure possible!

Ooh, damn! Bad timing on Pearl's part. Well, they haven't called me yet this morning, so I still don't know WTF her problem is...

In my experience Macs on the whole are more reliable, more user-friendly, and more long-lasting (as well as more aesthetically pleasing) than any PC. I love all the Macs I've had. Couldn't live without 'em... Got an iMac back in '99 that finally bit the dust last year. The old iBook I got for my first year of college back in '01 still runs perfectly fine (if perhaps just a little big noisier and unable to upgrade to Leopard, it runs on Tiger yet) - gave it to my Grandma to use last year. I'm currently using a late '07 model MacBook Pro, which is awesome. Have had zero problems with it... and I expect to have it for quite a few years to come.

Anyhoo, just wanted to defend my favorite computer brand a bit. ;)

I hope your Pearl makes it through this. *fingers crossed*

Dude, yeah, something about the iBooks that came out back in '01 made them about as hardy as the G4s! I have a friend who's got one that's been running for like 8 years straight. It's a little slow now, but aside from that? Works beautifully. They're amazing machines.

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