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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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...why, TransPennine Express? WHY?
In short, what should have been a two-hour train ride home from Liverpool last night turned into a four-hour one on account of flooding and signaling problems in the Stalybridge area. Instead of getting home around nine, I got home at midnight. Thank goodness that was the last of the archive visits; I am so sick of traveling. I never thought I'd hear myself say that. I'm tired of living out of hostels and eating negligibly because I can't afford full meals, etc. I had better drop a few pounds for my trouble. Not that I ever need to lose weight, really, but hey, it's summertime. I'm all for streamlining.

I'm set to give a presentation about Borthwick Additional 196 (a.k.a. my Piers Plowman) at Manuscripts Research Group on Wednesday. I might have forgotten about this if I hadn't glanced at the CMS What's On This Week email.

All I want is to finish watching ST: TOS S2. Is that too much to ask?

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Aha, but there's the thing - I'm not a true Trekkie, just an amused and interested party *g* Trekkies go to cons and have the t-shirts, the whole nine yards. I've pretty much restricted myself to wanting to watch it all so that I know what the blazes the new film is on about!

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I mean, it's probably an insult to Trekkies to call me one. I'm nowhere near hardcore enough ;)

I am so sick of traveling.

Yeah, man. The first time that ran through my brain, I was like, "?!?!?!" and then "....yeah."

I have to say, there's something attractive about knowing where you're getting your dinner every night, with a nice robust internet connection and good people to talk to.

Yeah, dinner and internet - amen.

Goodness. That's definitely not fun!

Good luck on your presentation and enjoy ST!

Well, the presentation is written. I don't recommend attempting such things on a hangover, but what can you do...

British Rail amazes me. The El runs in the middle of blizzards, but British Rail packs up its toys and goes home if there are the wrong kinds of leaves on the tracks.

Also, I hear you on the hostelling. I realised I'd done my dash after getting food poisoning on a research trip to Istanbul at exactly the same time that the hostel randomly turned all the water off. That was special. I plan on staying in convents when I go to Spain.

I KNOW! It's so amazingly inefficient when it comes to rainstorms.

Convents, now there's a concept. Most of the places I was going don't have convents that open their doors to the public, at least not that I know of, but I'll keep that in mind!

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