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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Aren't I a bit young for this?
One of my students from two batches ago emailed me today, announcing that he's applied to do an M.A. in Medieval Literature here at York. One of my students from the Late Medieval Literature module I taught to second-years back in 2007, I might add.

*is all proud and whatnot*

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That's awesome! That happened with one of my students and it made me super happy! <3

A couple of my first-years from Approaches last autumn have also informed me that they're taking one of the medieval modules in the upcoming year. That pleases me, too!

Wow--that's awesome! :D Congrats!

I totally didn't know you had taught over there! I may have to chat with you about grad school abroad sometime! :)

Yeah - as a Ph.D. student in the UK, you get to teach once per year from your second year onward. I've had two batches of students, and I'll most likely have a third this autumn as I'm finishing up.

Wow! That sounds like a really fun part of the program! (I honestly don't know what they do here.)

Good luck!

If you ever have any questions about grad school in the UK, please do ask me :)

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