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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Dublin, Day 2
Satisfying: finding exactly what you thought you would.

Annoying: having had to look in the first place.


Why, yes, I just spent the past five hours recording dialectal variants on six words throughout 100 folios of a manuscript. And yes, I must go back and do it for the remaining 84 folios tomorrow.

There had so better be an easy-to-find Wagamama in this town. I mean, in theory, I know there is one, but finding it will probably take me 45 minutes because I get lost.

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Wagamama - go right to the top of Grafton Street (Stephen's Green is now huge and green in your sight, the entrance of the Stephen's Green shopping centre is dead ahead) - turn right down beside the shopping centre, keeping your eyes fixed firmly on the basement level establishments. More or less opposite the Gaiety Theatre, you will see Wagamama!

Or, if you fancy a mix of Japanese and Korean food, head up Grafton Street from Trinity, and take the first right onto Wicklow Street. Keep on the right hand side, crossing one road (and one little laneway, poss), up to the next corner. On that corner should be Ukiyo, which does an early bird menu. (And dead ahead is Sth Great Georges Street - are you staying in the same place as last time? If so, you can then just go to Georges St, turn left and walk up till you see your B&B).

I found it! It's stupidly easy to get to from Avalon House (which is where I stayed last time, too, yes). And I've even managed to relocate Dawson Street, so I won't get lost for our Wednesday morning rendezvous ;)

I always went to the one in St Stephen's Green shopping center because it was about fifteen minutes walking from where I lived. Many fond memories.

You're making me wicked nostalgic, Adrienne!

That's the one I went to. I think it may be the only one?

I think you may be right. Though there is one in Cork, as I recall. I wish there were some in the US; I still haven't found any place that will serve me a plate full o' noodles off a short skillet, and my life is poorer for it.

(Which is not to say that there isn't excellent Japanese cuisine here, because there is. It's just not quite the same as Wagamama.)

Oh my goodness. That sounds like a very long day!

Good luck with your search and your remaining work tomorrow!

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